Cole Shelton

Location of Islam

Islam religion can be found everywhere around the world. Though it is mainly in Saudi Arabia, and originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

Establishment of Islam relighion

This religion was founded when the prophet Muhammad was born in 570 A.D. He was the last prophet sent by Allah, though the first one was Adam.

Who Created it

Muhammad was the prophet for Islam, and was lived from A.D. 570-632. A member of the Arabic Quraish tribe, Muhammad claimed to receive a revelation from archangel Gabriel in A.D 610 to be a prophet of the Arabic peoples promoting monotheism and belief in Allah.

Followers of Muhammad

Slowly but surely, Muhammad gained some followers. Most of them were young, including his cousin Ali, the son of his uncle and protector of Abu Talib. Then soon after, a few Meccans began to accept Muhammad's message.

Importance today

As of today, Islam is the second most popular region behind Christianity, and Islam has approximately 1.62 billion followers. Their sacred text is called the Quran.