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September 10, 2018

New Year, Same OwlFeed

Summer has come to a close, once again ushering in a new school year. The OwlFeed team lost many a dedicated writer last May when we wished good luck and goodbye to the class of 2018. Now, with another year full of excitement and wonder, those of us left plan to bring our publication to new heights and continue to loyally inform the Agua Fria community as best we can. Changes all about us, the OwlFeed team aspires to share what we can by way of our words. Welcome to the very first newsletter of the 2018-19 school year, the best year yet!

-Naomi Metoyer, Editor in Chief

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By: Ulysses Altamirano

Every day, the students at Agua Fria High School are reminded that they are not alone. During the summer, as AFHS students were registering for the new school year, many were amazed that the school has added the number of a teen crisis line to the back of ID cards. Read more here.

The Evolution of SciFi in Film

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By: Emma Parry

What does Paris, France in 1902 have to do with Stranger Things? Or Germany in 1927 have to do with the creation of the Death Star? Well, both France and Germany invented, then reinvented, the idea of the science fiction film to the people of Earth. Read more here.

Why Is Nobody Talking About Mass Shootings Anymore?

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By: Naomi Metoyer

Monday morning, I came to school numb to my core. There had been yet another mass shooting in the United States, and not a single person was talking about it. Click here to read on.

The Season Has Begun and We’re 2-1!

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By: Hayley Baker and Kaylie Langtry

On the Friday of August 24th, our Owls varsity football team played a tough game against our River Rock rivals, the Tolleson Wolverines. Our team has been preparing all summer for upcoming games, through long and exhausting practices, and when it came to the rivalry game, our team was ready to fight. Click here to read on.





OwlFeed Advice:

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A Column Just For You #1: Jobs, Loneliness, and Forgiveness

By: Raeann Orona

Having issues? Having a problem you need to get off your chest? There is now a column at this school to help. Read more here.

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