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August 31, 2018

Need to Know Dates

  • Monday - 9/03 -Labor Day- No School/Offices Closed

  • Thursday- 9/06 - Cross Country Info. Meeting-After School

  • Monday - 9/10 - Rosh Hashanah - No School

  • Monday - 9/17 - Camp Sloper - Opal

  • Monday - 9/17 - Open House- 6th and 7th Grade

  • Wednesday - 9/19 - Yom Kippur - No School

  • Monday - 9/24 - Open House - 8th Grade

  • Tuesday - 9/25 - Camp Sloper- Ruby

  • Tuesday - 9/25 - PTO KICKOFF MEETING

  • Friday - 9/28 - Camp Sloper - Sapphire

Daily Bulletin

School Announcements updated every day.

Lead Learner Highlights

Dear KP Families,

We had an incredible start to the 2018-2019 school year. As a staff, we worked to create a first day that would make students excited about returning to school the next day and for the rest of the year. Along with our focus on providing high-quality instruction and learning experiences, this year we will focus on creating and nourishing community among our students to support an environment conducive to learning.

We will send home an electronic newsletter twice a month to keep you abreast of school happenings, highlight our students, inform you of community events, and share parent/caregiver resources. In addition to our school community newsletter, please expect regular communication from our teachers about team happenings and your child's progress and learning. This newsletter is interactive and may require you to click to access pictures or articles. If there is something you believe we should add to our school communication, please let us know.

School News

West Hartford Public Schools is making forms electric

Please check your parent portal for e-collect forms. You will be able to verify your information, update your emergency contacts, and complete permissions slips, directory forms, etc. Once you submit the forms, the office staff will approve them. If you are having trouble accessing your parent portal account, please contact our office at 860-233-8230 and ask for Katherine Edlund.

Important! Please Remember to return: All PTO Fee and Membership Forms & Student Activity Fee and Forms


Arrival Time to School

School Start Time: The first bell rings at 7:40 AM. Due to a lack of supervision, students are not permitted in the building before this time unless they have a scheduled meeting with a staff member.

Morning Drop Off: For the safety of our students and to expedite bus arrivals, we are reminding parents/caregivers to please drop off students in the circle at the Mohawk entrance at the back of the school. There will be adults there to usher them to their appropriate team area. Thank you.

Save the Date - Oct. 5th


Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures at KP

  • The welcome bell rings at 7:40 am signaling student entry and available adult supervision.

  • The late bell rings at 8:00 am.

  • Preferred student drop off by parents/caregivers is at the Mohawk Drive entrance. Staff members are there to greet students and direct them to their assigned area.

    For drop-offs in the front of the school, please see the map below.
    • There is a parking lane on the east side (school side) of King Philip Drive from Mohawk Drive to Lyman Road, the area shown in green will be signed for pick-up & drop-off; however, the entire parking lane can be used if needed. No pick-up or drop-off will be allowed on the west side of King Philip Drive.

    There can be a great deal of traffic on King Philip Drive during these times. If you choose to drop off here, please drop your child off and continue driving. Making U-Turns is not permitted.

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    Prices for LUNCH for the 17-18 school year:

    Breakfast - $1.25

    Lunch Middle & High Schools: $3.25

    and milk prices will remain the same. Additional Information is located here on the WHPS website.

    Reminder regarding about our Cell Phone Policy - Minimizing Distractions

    Students are not permitted to carry their cell phones during the school day. Students may not have a cell phone on them at any time during the school day UNLESS a teacher has specifically directed them to bring it to class. Students are expected to power down their cell phones and secure them in their locker for the duration of the school day. This will ensure the devices are safe. Any student in violation of the cell phone policy will have their cell phone confiscated, and he or she will be referred to administration.

    If a parent/caregiver needs to reach a student or convey a message, please call the main office at 860-233-8230.

    Parent/Caregiver Resources

    Middle School Mania

    Middle School Mania

    Community Events

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    "Public Act 16-189

    We believe that it is vital for all students in West Hartford Public Schools to be able to efficiently and effectively use digital tools that empower them in all phases of the learning process, including research, problem solving, content creation, communication, and collaboration. We also believe that we must be committed at all times to protecting students' privacy and providing them with a powerful and safe educational experience. To that end, the West Hartford Public Schools follow the legal requirements of Public Act 16-189 to promote the safety and security of all students and staff.

    In compliance with Connecticut State Law, we update online programs used within the district that house student data. The programs may be used district-wide, in a very small number of classrooms, or with individual students. The list will be updated each time the district enters into a new contract where student data is housed. For more information on the specifics of Public Act 16-189 and updates of vendor agreements, visit www.whps.org/pa189."