Steve Jobs

By: Eliza Imhoff and Anya Dias-Hawkins

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

Who were they and what jobs helped them to their success?

Steve Paul Jobs was the entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Apple. Apple is most popular for creating The MacBook and iPhone.

He got his first job in the summer when he was 13. He worked in a HP factory in 1968.

He met Steve Wozniak and they both built and illegally sold “blue boxes “which allowed people to make phone calls for free in 1972.

Steve got his first real job as a video game maker in 1974.

In March, he showed the early Apple I computer with Steve Wozniak at the Homebrew Computer Club in 1976.

History of their life:

Steve Jobs biologicals parents Joanne Schieble and Abudulfattah Jandali had him while they were in college. Joanne was Christian and Abudulfattah was Syrian-Muslim so Joanne’s parents wouldn’t allow her to keep the baby and get married to Abudulfttah. Although they later did marry and have another child. She traveled to San Francisco without telling anyone. Clara Jobs could not get pregnant. So, Clara and Paul Jobs adopted the baby and named Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was born in February 24, 1955 in San Francisco.

He was interested in electronics and competitive swimming as a kid. He was bullied in Middle School because he was adopted.

Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976.

In 1982, he met his biological sister when he was 27. He later describes her as his best friend in the world. He married Laurene Powell in 1991. Erin Jobs was born in 1995. Eve Jobs was born in 1998. Reed Jobs in 1991. Steve Jobs died of a pancreatic tumor and respiratory arrest on October 5, 2011. If he was still alive today he would be 60.


Steve spent the fall semester at Reed College in Oregon. He dropped out but stayed on campus to attend the classes he was interested in.


What is Apple doing now?

Apple released this year that they are working on updates for the iPhones and MacBook.

They are also seem to be working on the first ever Apple Car and iPhone 7. Also an Apple license plate.

They are also working on the Apple pencil which is said to be sold for 99 dollars. If you take it apart it with show a lightning cord to charge you device. It might be a little like a stylus. But, Steve Jobs never wanted Apple to produce a stylus.


Apple has given 50 million dollars to Stanford university hospitals and another 50 million to the African Aid Organization in 2012.

Apple was named one of the top ten most charitable companies in America. They donated $198,692,197 in 2010.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple is giving the majority of his personal wealth to charity.

Apple has risen 10s of millions of dollars to improve healthcare, education, and fighting poverty since Steve Jobs has died.