Fillipo Brunelleschi

by: David Guimont

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Fillipo Brunelleschi was born in Florence, Italy in 1377. He spent most of his life in Florence. Fillipo grew up training as a goldsmith and sculptor and worked for his father. Fillipo really liked solving engineer problems in society which is a reason why his creations were so successful. Fillipo was an architect when he grew up and some of his creations is the Church of San Lorenzo, and the Old Sacristy. Some of his patrons were the Medeci family and Ghilberti.
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Fillipo's Work

Fillipo Brunelleschi's most famous piece is the Church of San Lorenzo Dome. He created from the years 1422-1470. It is located in Florence, Italy. This is significant because it is the first design of the dome and people were worried that it would not work. I think it is interesting because it is made out of brick and it is a dome and I wonder how it does not fall. Fillipo Brunelleschi represent humanism. Brunelleschi made a new way of architecture and re-invented the way to build. He was the first person to do this type of dome structured architect.


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