The Cereal Rocket

Created by: Brynn Graham, Audra Walgreen, Jaelyn Jennings

C.R. Industries

If you're searching for a rocket then look no further! Here at Cereal Industries we create top of the line bottles rockets that travel extreme distances and fly to impeccable height! Here at C.R. Industries we take pride in building quality and stylish rockets to fit your needs and expectations.

Quality Over Quantity

During the process of construction of the rocket we make patience our key priority and carefully craft the rocket. Each rocket is made with top-notch cardboard (cereal box grade), the finest hand selected plastic bottles, competition grade tennis balls, and the sturdiest hot glue on the market.

The Creators and Owners of C.R. Industries


The first time we launched our rocket, it wasn't nearly as good as the second. The rocket flew only 16 meters and went 28 meters into the sky. After adding a tennis ball inside of the nose cone, our rocket flew an astonishing 112 meters and flew 30 meters high into the sky.

Design of the Rocket

To get the maximum distance out of our bottle rockets several additions are made. A nose cone made out of high-quality cereal box cardboard makes our rockets slice through the air reducing drag. The nose cone also protect the tennis ball that makes the nose of the cone heavy so that gravity has more to pull on and the rocket can fly far. The fins, made of same cardboard, stabilize the rocket's flight and make it fly in a straight line. We also put in 600 mL of fresh Rocky Mountain water so the rocket can achieve maximum thrust.