Third Grade News

April Curriculum Update

Reading Workshop

We are in the midst of our nonfiction study! We finished up our book clubs and are now going through nonfiction books identifying common text features and outlining their functions in a "nonfiction folder." We are going to continue reading nonfiction texts in workshop as well as read aloud for the next two weeks.

Once we finish our nonfiction unit, we are going to start our adventure unit. We will approach this genre through a book club study as well. We will analyze characters, their actions, and discuss how events shape the outcomes in our books. We will also deepen the conversation about author's purpose and "mental movies."

Writing Workshop

The students are currently writing their own fairy tales! We are using what we learned from our "adapted fairy tales" to help guide us in this process. We are currently listing possible stories we will write. We are then going to choose an idea (with the help of a Writing Buddy) and create our own fiction piece. We are going to learn how to include all of the elements of a fairy tale while ensuring the message of their story is clear. We will create characters, their wants and desires, the trouble, and the resolution. We have also discussed the importance of a "narrator" and will be challenged to create a healthy balance of dialogue and narration. They are also going to be encouraged to edit and revise more independently.

Once we publish our fairy tales, we are going to have a poetry mini-unit. We are going to learn about different types of poems and publish 3 different poems. We are going to read, listen to, and study poems to help us stretch our volume of entries and practice expressing ourselves in this fashion. The students will publish their poems in the computer lab.

Math Centers are Back! Wednesday, April 23rd 12:30-1:30. Email me if you're interested!


The students are going to be continuing their study of measurement this month! We will be studying units of weight. We will identify grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces. We will be converting between larger and smaller units, adding and subtracting, and using the unit bar to help us solve word problems.

By the middle of the month we will be studying units of capacity. We will identify kiloliters, liters, gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. We will measure and compare these units as well as convert, add, and subtract them.

We have also been making comparisons between the metric system and the customary system of measurement.

Social Studies

We took the Silk Road to Asia! We have identified countries from Asia, analyzed a political and physical map, and have received the countries we are going to research. The students are going to be in the computer lab starting this Thursday and will be gathering information on their country and present it in a brochure. They are going to try to convince people to vacation in their country and include a lot of facts and thoughts on the culture.

The students will show off their brochures to the class and fill out their passports to "officially" visit each country.