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Antrim Elementary December 16, 2022

Happy Snow Day

The Countdown to 2023 Begins....

Hi Everyone!

We have 4 more days of school until winter break. Our last day of school is next Thursday. You are invited to a whole school sing-a-long at 2pm in the gym that day. We hope you can join us for this culminating fun community activity. School will resume on January 3rd, 2023!

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy winter break!


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Graphing In Kindergarten

Mrs. Sullivan's class did a little math and experimenting with gingerbread cookies!

First, they all ate a gingerbread cookie and the kids had to tear where they took their first bite off of a paper cutout gingerbread man. Then, they graphed their results discussing that a graph is used to collect data and they could see which category had the most, least, etc. Next, came a science experiment in which they were finding out what would happen to a gingerbread cookie after being submerged in a cup of milk after 1, 3, and 5 minutes. They dunked it in egg nog too. The results were surprising! Because egg nog was so thick, it took a lot longer to seep through the cookie!

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Pinecone Bird Feeders

In Ms. Lawler's class this week, all of the books we read focused around trees, but not your typical Christmas trees. We read The Perfect Tree by Corinne Demas and Night Tree by Eve Bunting. In both stories, the trees that the characters decorated weren't ones they cut down, but rather trees that they found in nature and decorated with things that the animals could eat. After reading these books we made pinecone bird feeders and hung them on the edge of the woods by the playground. We can't wait to check on them next week and see if some of the animals in our school forest found them and had a little snack!

Recess in New England

Some people say that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes for the weather. Here at AES, we go outside if the weather is above 10 degrees (wind chill factored in). We ask that you send in labeled clothes that will help your child stay comfortable in this kind of weather. That includes snow pants, boots, hats, gloves, and a warm jacket. If you need help acquiring winter gear, please contact It is also a good idea to send in an extra set of clothes to keep in your child's locker. Sometimes spills happen or they get wet from recess. If they have something comfortable to change into, the rest of their day can be more comfortable. Thank you so much for partnering with us to make outdoor recess fun and enjoyable in the snow.
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Reading Buddies

In 4th grade this week we have been getting ready for the snowy weather by getting cozy with a reading buddy! We have enjoyed the snowy views of the secret garden and have made snowflakes during science to match!

PTO Update

This past Tuesday, the PTO met to discuss several upcoming events. Be on the lookout for the Hillside Pizza fundraiser in January. This is a great local company and offers gluten-free options as well as frozen cookie dough. March 9, 2023, is the AES family math night! The PTO will host a spaghetti dinner and basket raffle after families have the chance to play math games together. If you are interested in helping out during this amazing event, we will be pulling the details together during the February meeting.

First Graders Love to Read

First Graders LOVE reading with their friends! We share everything from alphabet books, to superhero adventures, to nonfiction texts. Sometimes we practice a book and do Kids Read Aloud with our classmates listening. Our reading skills are growing, and we’re excited to keep exploring and learning!

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