Patterson Elementary

Parent Blast - March 8, 2021

Talking About Return to School

This week I want to encourage you to begin talking to your child about return to school and the model choice you have made for your child, if you haven't already. As we near the beginning of hybrid instruction, teachers will begin sharing information with their students to prepare them for this transition. While they will be sensitive to each family's decision, they do need to communicate the similarities and differences for those staying in CDL and those that are returning in hybrid. We will begin reading stories, teaching mini-lessons and showing students materials in preparation. This can be alarming for students if they do not know which model they will be returning in and they need your support in processing this. If you need support in how to have these conversations, please reach out to myself or our student success coach - Jenny Cary,

Thank you to all of our students and families that joined in our spirit week fun last week! We loved seeing students dressed up in clothes that represented their family and culture!

If you were not able to swing by Thursday evening for an art kit, bingo card, library books and/or the staff surprise you can still stop by between 8-4 pm each day and grab needed items off the table outside our main doors. Our office team is now in each weekday from 9-12 and 1-3, please call if you need anything.

Staff Surprise - Bitmoji Staff Photo Guessing Game

We hope you're having fun trying to guess who is who in our Bitmoji staff photo guessing game. We will reveal the answers on Friday. If you haven't picked yours up yet, swing by the school and grab one off our table out front.

Important Dates:

  • 3/10 - Principal Read Aloud, 7 pm (see below for details)

  • 3/11 - Return to School Parent Presentation, 7 pm (see below for details)

  • 3/22-3/26 - No School, Spring Break

  • 3/29 - K-2 Hybrid Instruction Begins

  • 4/5 - 3-4 Hybrid Instruction Begins

  • 4/12 - 5-6 Hybrid Instruction Begins

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Here to serve,

Jamie Lentz

Principal, Patterson Elementary

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Talent Show

We are excited to kick off our Talent Show this week! Here is a list of our cast and which days they will be featured during morning meeting:

Talent Show Cast: Tuesday, March 9

Charlotte Boyd

Saanvi Shah

EdenJoy Novak

Ian Child

Sophia Prak

Remington Beck

Lexi Schauer

Taylor Regan

Bailey Bowman

Talent Show Cast: Thursday, March 11

Danika Parsons

Carrick Markley

Saanvi Shah

Gareth Woods

Claire Lindsay

Frankie Herinckx

Noralee Henningsen

Quinn Ferguson

Talent Show Cast: Tuesday, March 16

Carson Royse

Ebunife Ajayi

Ekaterina Belyaeva

Leo Weaver

Wyatt Hammill

Kiele Gurske

Dylan Hammill

Kaimalia Gurske

Augusta Krussman

Talent Show Cast: Thursday, March 18

Ruby Weaver

Elijah Ramirez

Nick Demagalski

Jalen Delaughn

Chloe Demagalski

Makenzie Goffe

Amani Delaughn

Jocelyn Errico

Please contact Mrs. Crackel at with any questions you may have.

Return to School Parent Presentation

Please join me for a return to school parent presentation on Thursday evening from 7-7:30 pm. We will be sharing arrival procedures, classroom, cohort and bathroom information, recess plans and some schedule pieces.

Google Meet joining info

Or dial: +​1​ ​5​6​7​-​2​5​0​-​1​6​6​2 PIN: 3​1​1​ ​5​4​0​ ​4​3​4​#

Kindergarten Registration

Please share this welcome letter with friends, family and neighbors.

Use this link to register online.

Families need to fill out and upload all documents online to be registered and enrolled at Patterson.

Principal Read-Aloud

Join Mrs. Lentz this Wednesday night from 7-7:30 pm for a few read alouds! Bring your favorite stuffed animal and your family if you'd like.

Google Meet joining info

Or dial: +​1​ ​2​1​3​-​7​9​7​-​5​9​2​9 PIN: 5​0​9​ ​2​3​5​ ​1​2​8​#

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Family Resource From Mrs. Cary

Our Family Bucket List:

Now that we have caught a glimpse of the sunshine, it's time to start dreaming about all the opportunities that lie ahead as we transition into Spring. It's fun to think about trying new things, setting exciting goals, and exploring interesting places! Gather as a family to create this 4-page poster and write down all the things you're looking forward to doing and learning. Did you know simply thinking about and planning for fun adventures has a stress relieving quality?

Jenny Cary

Student Success Coach

Panther Dash Bingo

All of the materials and information are located in your child's Google Classroom.
  • Print your bingo board (linked below) or pick one up at supply pick-up
  • Get moving and mark each box on your board as you complete it
  • When your board is filled, upload it in the google form (linked below)
  • We are using Pledgestar for donations (directions linked below)


Weekly Participation Drawing:

  • Each bingo gets your name in the hopper for a weekly drawing
  • Any level of participation = Prize Table Pick (stickers, t-shirts, books, toys)
  • 3 Blackout bingo cards = $5 gift card to Jim’s Ice Cream (limit 3)
Fundraising Prizes:
  • $5 - Pencil
  • $10 - Magnets
  • $25 - Facemask
  • $100 - Balloon bouquet delivery
  • $200 - Water bottle
  • $300 - Lunch delivered
  • Kid in each class who raises most money selects a prize

At the end of the Bingo time frame (First week of April), we will have a drive thru to pick up prizes. Classes with most money raised and highest participation from grades K-2 and 3-6 will get a nighttime read aloud from a Patterson staff member! Class with most number of total bingos will get a special workout with Mr. Twigg!

Fundraisers have been a part of our school community and have supported a variety of activities, supplies, field trips, etc. over the years for our students. This fundraiser will be supporting our annual classroom funds. We know that many of our families have been impacted in different ways regarding COVID-19 and want to make sure that you know there is no expectation to participate and/or donate in any of our fundraising events unless you feel comfortable and capable of doing so. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to Jamie Lentz, Principal, at or Stephanie Shimp-Taylor, Booster Club President, at

Food Pantry

Our food pantry continues to be available to serve our families in need.

Please reach out to Mrs. Awad if you need assistance:

6th Grade Memory Book Update

Hi There Parents of Patterson 6th graders,

As you know I am not creating a yearbook for Patterson this year but I am working on a “6th Grade Memory Book” to be given to the kids at the end of the year. This book will be given to all 6th graders as a gift, no cost to parents. I really need your help to create this book as I can’t just run into the classroom and get photos of the kids. Please read the information below and let me know if you have any questions. THANY YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I wouldn’t be able to complete this book without it! Also, please send all photos, memories and questions to ME and not your child’s teacher. My email address is:

*Kindergarten photo of your current 6th grader. If you don’t have a “school picture” kinder photo any photo of your child around the age of 5 would be fine

*A current photo of your 6th grader. I know we don’t have school pictures to use for this but if you could send me a nice, current “head shot” that would be great.

*A parent “shout out” This should be written by a parent or guardian. This gives parents the opportunity to send congratulations to their 6th grader and best wishes for the future. This “shout out” should be no longer than 5 or 6 sentences.

*Your 6th graders memories from Patterson. The 6th grade student should write this. Perhaps they participated in the school play and would like to say how much fun they had? Maybe they want to mention a favorite teacher or Patterson activity, like the Dinner Dance or Pastries with Parents? Did they go on a field trip they really enjoyed? A favorite memory from PE or Music? This can really be any Patterson memory they would like to share. Please limit this to 5 or 6 sentences.

*Finally, please send 5 or 6 photos of your current 6th grader. If you have photos from Patterson activities, like the Panther Dash or Bingo night that would be great but if you just want to send me some great photos of your 6th grader to add to their memory book page that would be fine.

*Please get these to me no later than March 19th. This gives me all of Spring Break to work on the book and get it finished by my deadline at the beginning of April

*If you can scan your photos and email them to me that is perfect. If you don’t have a scanner or don’t know how to scan things you may drop off an envelope (clearly labeled with your 6th graders name and your phone number). I will scan the images and then call you so you can come and pick the photos up at my house. My address is: 3294 NE Crimson Place in Hillsboro. I will have a bag on my front porch so you can drop things into it.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions. Thank you again for your help!

Rachelle Durtschi

Patterson Yearbook Coordinator

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Glencoe Youth Baseball

Teams are available for kinder-8th grade at any level from beginner to experienced. Baseball begins in April, but the important date to remember is March 13. Evaluations for team placements will take place at Ron Tonkin Field on March 13 for 3rd-8th graders, so registrations need to happen before then.

To register, parents can visit