Because I believe in you...

April Is YOUR month!

You have now been a stylist for ONE YEAR! You really have done such a great job, I'm so very proud of you! NOW I think it's time to challenge yourself just a bit more (even though now you have one more furry child to be responsible for :))

What will this year hold?

What will it look like when we showcase your picture and accomplishments nation wide??

Renee Arcand - Lead Stylist!

Your Goal... should you choose to accept it!

*Book 3 shows! This means getting on the phone or email and reaching out to 5-6 ladies and offering them the most amazing gift ...YOU!!

**$3500 in Sales (this is low) but it get's you that 30% extra commission

***HAND OUT 3 OPPORTUNITY brochures!

Print this email and keep it somewhere visible!

As you complete your goals check them off from this email... may it be tattered, torn and wine stained by April 30th!!

As a seasoned Stylist you know that the work you put in will be the work you GET OUT!! I know how amazing you are when you put your mind to it!! I also know you want a team... so let's do it!!!!

Trish T - Your team leader!

Together we can make amazing things happen, we've gotten through yet another yucky winter! Now let's SHINE!