June Bliss Assist

Celebrate Summer!

Welcome Maddie, Scott & Delight!

Please welcome Maddie and Scott to the GEA team!

  • You may have seen Maddie around BFY helping out with social media this semester. We're delighted to have her wonderful personality behind the desk on Tuesday nights.
  • Scott also joins us with a rich social media background. When he's not training with the UW Track & Field team, he's been helping out Olbrich Garden with their social media. We're glad to have joining us on Saturdays!
  • Delight has been a member of the BFY community for a long time, and we're thrilled to have her back from Colorado and joining our team on the weekends!

Class Registration & Attendance Best Practices

Two reminders about best practices when dealing with pre-registration and late cancellation.

1. People are not allowed to pre-register as unpaid.

  • If someone calls to pre-register and does not have a membership package, ask them to log-in and make a purchase using the online system, or process the transaction over the phone. If they want to use a gift card, process the transaction over the phone.

2. Late cancellation emails should be sent to everyone.

  • When you are Late Cancelling someone out of a class, always choose "Yes, Send Notification Email" to both members and non-members. Even though late cancellations aren't deducted from member accounts, they are monopolizing a space that could be offered to a walk-in client.

3. Be vigilant in checking the attendance roster.

  • There has been a significant uptick in stolen yoga. With each class, enter everyone into MBO right away. Confirm number of attendees at the start of class, or with the instructor. If the number is off, please make an announcement at the end of class. The number of people in the studio during class should ALWAYS EQUAL the number of people signed into MBO. Otherwise, people are stealing from us.

The Nicest Late-to-Class Enforcers You Ever Did Meet

We want everyone to have the best possible experience every time they set foot into the studio. We know from taking classes ourselves that latecomers disrupt in-progress classes. Often, folks can't help being late and we still want them to have a positive experience once they're in the studio.

To ensure we are providing EVERYONE with a great studio experience:

  • Stay aware of the time. Classes start promptly at scheduled time. Instructors will close the door when centering has begun. If the door is not closed, please get up and close it.
  • When clients arrive after class has started, notify them politely they will need to wait until the instructor allows them into the studio.
  • You can either
    • Walk with them to the end of the hall. Wait with them until the instructor opens the door. Recently, late clients have not respected the "Stop" sign and we now need to provide gentle, polite reinforcement. OR
    • Ask them to please take a seat on the bench in the lobby and you'll let them know when it is ok to enter. This last option works well for a larger number of late students but needs to be handled carefully.
  • Clients who arrive after the class cut-off (10 min for 60 min classes; 15 min for 90 min classes) will not be allowed to enter class. Joining a class this late doesn't allow the student enough time to warm up and they could injure themselves.
  • Since there is always a GEA in the lobby, it's a great place for students to leave their keys and cell phones! If you see someone heading into class with extra items, follow Laura's example - "If I see people with keys and phone, I volunteer to put them behind the desk. It works every time!"

Blissful Parent? What to say when a new yogi is on the way

Wendy, our prenatal expert, will be offering private and semi-private appointments for expectant parents all summer. She is available for sessions:

  • Mondays 10-3
  • Thursdays 10-4
  • Fridays 1:30-4
  • every-other Saturday 1-6

If people inquire about prenatal offerings, please send them the Blissful Pregnancy Reference (a pdf on the desktop) and mention Wendy's availability for privates/semi-privates. If they are interested in what classes are appropriate for them during pregnancy, please refer them to Wendy.

Help Spread Good Karma

We know our students love Bliss Flow and we'd love for them to spread that love!

If you have a positive customer service interaction with someone, whether in person or via email, consider asking them to review us online (Google, Yelp, Groupon - if appropriate, etc.).

Maddie has put together an email template for that exact purpose. Find it on the G-drive here.

If notification of a new review comes into the Info box, please forward to Jennifer and cc: Emma.

Blissful Desk Reference - NEW & IMPROVED!

Got questions? Take a look at the brand new and improved Blissful Desk Reference! Thanks to everyone who helped in reading through and offering edits to make it useful.

If you notice anything that needs updating, please let Erica know.

Proactive Holds

Overhear an annual prepaid member talking about their awesome vacation plans? Politely ask them if they're interested in setting up their 30-day annual vacation hold. This will suspend their membership and extend it for 30 days at the end of their contract.