Moving To The Carolina Colony

Why You Should Move

Natural Resources

Some Pros- There are many natural resources in the Carolina Colony including lumber, clay, limestone, shells, minerals, stones, dyes, and the fertile land perfect for growing crops.

The Few Cons- The cons are that you have to work for said resources, there is no materials for making weapons or powder, and there is no way to make and no use for nicer clothes.

People: English and Natives

Pros- Close enough to other colonies for comfort but distanced enough for some privacy and space, the women are good housewives, this is the first settlement here of any kind, the nearby natives are very peaceful, the native women are good mothers, and there are simple and civil rules for the colony.

Cons- The natives aren't very passionate, the natives were naked at first and some of them might still be.

Climate and Land

Pros- Lots of space, great farmland, consistent weather, near the sea, four distinct seasons, no earthquakes, calm and serene, and not dangerous like the frontier.

Cons- There is very sharp and bitty weather in the winter but it is not as bad as some other places, and the land is barren by the sea.

Islands- The colony is guarded by small islands near the coast that can be known to wreak ships but they protect from major waves and you can navigate them if you know the land, which makes trade and going in and out of the colony a little more difficult.


Pros- There are many of creatures in the Carolina colony like wild turkey, deer, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, creatures of the woods, fowl (birds), it is also cheap to raise and own livestock on private land.

Cons- There is no common livestock like cows, and there are few goats in the land.


Pros- Multitude of many types of trees, indigo, potatoes, TOBACCO, cotton, limes (fruit), oranges, lemons, corn, apples, pears, grain, herbs, roots, gums, flowers, and more.

Cons- Poisonous plants, and some english plants aren't native here.


There are more pros than cons as you can see. The main con is that life here is much different than life in England. Most of the people who move here are very happy and adjusted easily. This colony thrived with the help of the natives but you will have to get your hands dirty and work with them if you plan on settling here.