A Changing Generation

By Chayton Ramsey

Smore #1

“Media” to me is a combination of many people commenting on the actions of others throughout the world. Around seven years ago media could only be found on a television or the radio. Really, now-a-days media can be found almost anywhere. You could find it on a newspaper, all kind of cell phone applications, the television etc.. It seems to me that everyday there’s a new app coming out for cell phones. For me personally that’s where I get ninety-five percent of my media. Whether it is from Facebook, Twitter, or Vine, it’s just all over the place. Media can be a great way for entrepreneurs to get there business out.

I think to be “Media Literate” means to be able to use and understand media to your advantage. All the kids growing up to day will be able to use smart phones and computers so much better than the adults of today. For example my six year old nephew can operate a tablet or smart phone much better than my mother. The reason for this is because they have grown up around all these devices and learn at a much faster pace and adults. While my parents grew up playing with a piece of string connected to two cans. This also means that my children will be able to show me new things and give me tips on the computer. Being media literate is becoming crucial in our world. Soon enough, if you can’t operate a computer then you will be completely lost in this world.

2014 SuperBowl Commercial - Ellen DeGeneres Beats Music AT&T Plan Big Game Ad

Smore #2

Ellen Degenerous in the commercial for Beats Music, which aired during the 2014 Superbowl, communicates to viewers that the all knew Beats Family Plan that partners with AT&T has a variety of music for different tastes of music. AT&T promotes Beats Audio by showing how like I said before their is a different style of music for each member of the family. AT&T attempts to get viewers to see that they have a great service to offer so that they will go out and buy their product. This commercial uses a humorous tone which connects with families across the world to offer each of their specific tastes.

Smore #3

Atlanta middle school student brings handgun to school for fear of classmates

Chayton Ramsey, Staff Reporter

Tuesday March 18, 2014

DEKALB COUNTY – Yesterday March 17, 2014 12 year old Jimmy TurtleBean brought a loaded 9mm pistol to his school. After the gun was found the administration took it and sent the student home. “This incident could not have just been blown off as some accident.”- Said Police Wednesday March 19

Monday March 17 police were called to Jeffery Middle school to a report of a student with a gun. As police arrived they were approached by the principal of the school who was saying they had trapped the student in a secluded bathroom. Police then went to the bathroom and were not able to get the student out. They were then forced to use gas to knock the student unconscious. Police said “it was the only safe way to take care of the situation at the time.”

The Student says “When I’m at school I don’t feel safe. My class mates scare me and I thought bringing a gun would be a good idea at the time. But now I don’t think I should’ve done it.”

Smore #4

During the past few Summers something that mainly me but also my family have been passionate about is going to the lake. During the Summer my family and I will go to the lake two or three times a week! For me it’s like heaven. Wants it starts to get around six o’clock or so many of the families will start to leave the lake and head home. What this means is that once they leave then the water begins to smooth out and have the appearance of glass. This is the best time to be at the lake because it’s absolutely perfect for wakeboarding. You can carve back and forth across the wake as if carving through butter. The wind is cool and mystical as it hits you in the face. Specs of water hit you in the face like a little kitten playing with a ball of yarn.

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Smore #6

Personally I thought that 1984 was not the best of stories/books that I have read. I found that the beginning was very very boring. I didn’t begin to find interest in it until after about half way through the book. The ending I did not like because I was hoping he would find a way out of the system and be FREE. Most of the people in that world don’t even know that life could be any other way. I wanted him to change the path of people for the better. Honestly I did not like his work because like I said a second ago I wished it could have ended differently. Also I didn’t thing that this book made any kind of relation to the modern world. Our world is in no way like Winston’s. Winston isn’t even aloud to pee without a chance of being vaporized or arrested and tortured. Really the message that I received from this book was to be careful and that eventually one day our world could be like this.

Smore #7

One of the things that I took away from this class are that we really should take what we have for granite because our lives could be so much different. We could live under a dictator and be bossed around and told what to do and how to do it by some man. At some points during this class I really enjoyed it because it taught us many things about how social media works and that is a huge part of our generation. Although at other times like when we read 1984 I couldn’t seem to find a point in what we were doing and how it benefited us. Overall I think that it was a good choice to switch this class to media literacy because of the benefit it has to the students since it is the thing of the time. This class was much different than all of the others that I have ever taken. In other language arts classes I would define words and do DGP( daily grammar practice). I really didn’t enjoy that to much and I knew that I wouldn’t ever use that stuff especially with the direction that I want to head in as a job. At least this class can help everyone in the future no matter where they plan to head job wise. One way I think this class could be better is if 1984 would be taken out of the how class. Like I said earlier I didn’t find a point to that how part of the class. I thought that took up a huge part of the semester. We could have used our time in many different ways and taken away a lot more from this class. Overall I thought this was a decent class and it should have a good effect on the students to come!