The Makings of Steven Spielberg

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Steven Spielberg is extremely well known because of his outstanding creativity. That is shown through his remarkable film; however not many people consider his heritage, family circumstances, and his plethora of accomplishments. He was born in a Jewish family with three sisters. There names are Nancy, Anne, and Sue. Spielberg credits his passion for movie-making to his dad who once took him and his sisters to see a meteor shower in the middle of the night. This amazing sight sparked his imagination, and he developed a creative desire. The future director was inspired by fear, weirdly enough. This type of fear inspired the imagination that produced movies such as Jaws, Poltergeist, Arachnophobia and much more. Not all of his background was happy, however. On the way to becoming the successful man he is today he had to overcome discouraging obstacles.
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Steven Spielberg's path to success was not easy. Between his parents' unsuccessful marriage, being bullied, and making a choice of college or producing, it was quite a challenge trying to keep his hopes up for his filming dreams.

When he was young, dealing with his parents constant arguing and dissatisfaction with each other was often difficult, but their constant support helped him to deal with it.

As he grew into teenage years, the discontent did not cease; in fact, his parent's relationship got worse, leading to divorce, according to Steven Spielberg by Tom Powers.

In high school, Spielberg not only had to deal with his parents splitting apart, but he also got made fun of because of his ethnicity. Needless to say, growing up around the nineteen-sixties as a boy or girl with Jewish heritage was very challenging. Other children at school mercilessly bullied him simply because he did not share the same beliefs as them. Despite being made fun of for something he couldn't change and watching his family ripping apart, he managed to find an outlet through film. It proved to be a great solution to his bullying problem. By inviting his bullies to come star in his films, young Spielberg was able to reduce his bullying by a huge amount.

After high school, he sought after the top filming college available; however, they repeatedly denied him due to his low grades. His lowest grades were a product of his poor reading skills. Reading comics as a child instead of more challenging literature is the number one reason that he was so far behind. In order to further his knowledge, he enrolled at California State University as an English major. After making a high quality film with the help of his friend, Universal's head producer, Sidney Sheinberg began to see his potential. When offered to work professionally, he gladly quit college and went to work right away. As a result of this offer, Spielberg gained confidence in his work, and his career went upwards from there.

Spielberg's three sisters:


Steven Spielberg's successes and accomplishments are reflected in his awards and nominations. He has accumulated 173 wins and 163 nominations. By over coming his struggles and refusing to fail, he has now become one of the most successful directors not only now, but in history. His top films Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park made over $2,292,717,436 . These films have led the way for other directors and inspired many other people. IMDb puts his legacy in words perfectly by saying he is "one of the most influential personalities in film history". He also has a net worth of over $3.2 billion making him the second richest director in hollywood.


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