Laundry Use

All Residents,

There is only one washing machine, two dryers, and fifty residents, therefore, when using the laundry machines, please take out your finish laundry in order for the next occupant to use it. There have been several encounters of this situation, although, some seem to not care and consider this as not an issue, however, to others this is very frustrating.

I went down the hall to ask the residents if they had any complaints when using the laundry room. Here is a what few said:

“I had went to the laundry room last week and I saw that both dryers had clothes sitting in there, which didn’t bother me, since it takes 25 minutes to wash the clothes and so it should be gone by the time I come back. Right? I went back and expected the dryer to be free, but someone’s clothes was still in there!” -Resident A

“I always end up taking out someone’s clothes and leaving it on the table because they can’t come and take out their laundry. One girl got mad one time when she walked in like 20 minutes later and saw me doing that, but if she would’ve came for her laundry in time I wouldn’t be touching her clothes.” -Resident B

“Today I went to go wash my clothes, but the washer was occupied with 10 minutes left, so I decided to just sit there and wait. Ten minutes later, the machine stops. I continued to wait because I know the owner will maybe just take about an extra five minutes to come. Another 10 minutes passed, then next thing you know I was sitting here for 30 minutes and they still haven’t shown up.” -Resident C

“Just earlier I went to go wash my clothes and there was somebody else’s clothes in the washing machine and I knew exactly who it was because he always wash his clothes the same time I do. So I went knocking on his door and demanding him to take out his clothes. Every week he does this and I tell him every time to take out his clothes when he’s done, but he never does!” -Resident D

“Just a few days ago, I was doing laundry and in one of the dryer had somebody’s clothes in there. I thought they would’ve came for it, but after three hours no one came. You know how I know that? Because it took me almost three hours doing two loads of laundry using one washer and one dryer. Nobody came to picked up their clothes!” -Resident E

You can see the frustration in your fellow neighbors. Please be considerate of other residents who need to use the laundry machines also.

Thank You!