Faith Brisson

Learn about Faith in this awesome preantation

What is Faith scared of?

Faith is scared of peacocks bebcause

What is her favorite shirt?

One of her favorite t-shirt is an Under Armour shirt.

What does she think she will be doing in 20 years?

She thinks she will be a celebrity in 20 years.

What is her favorite type of music?

Her favorite type of music is pop, her favorite singer is Fetty Wap and her favorite song is the hills.

what is her favorite book genre? What is her favorite author?

She doesn't have a favorite author or a favorite book genre.

What or who would she be if she could be anyone or anything for one day?

She would be Ariana Grande for a day

If she had money to help someone who would it be?

She would help people in need in Africa by giving them food

If she had three wishes what would thay be?

she would wish to marry Hunter Rowland, be rich and make the world a better place.

If she had one day to do anything what would she do?

She would go to a beach in Florida .

What is her favorite t.v show and what is her favorite actor?

Her favorite T.V. show is Keeping up with the Kardashians because there is a lot of drama in that show and her favorite actor is Jennifer Lawrence.

Whare would she go if she could travel anywhere in the world?

She would go to Florida because it has a lot of beautiful beaches