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Getting Ready for a New Semester...

Additional Learning Spaces Available Soon!

Who knew 2 long sets of shelves could be dismantled and become 16 separate units? Instead of 48 feet of shelving we now have smaller sections that are being used to create another learning space in our Media Center. These shelves are in the process of being repurposed and it is my goal that this space will lend itself not only to collaboration but also to creativity. The Macs from the Media Center workroom have been moved to this area as well.

Why the change? Have you heard of Maker spaces?

Maker spaces support learning in an informal, play-focused environment that can cultivate an interest in science, technology, and design. Scott Nicholson, associate professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, NY, writes in Strategies for Meaningful Gamification: Concepts Behind Transformative Play and Participatory Museums (a presentation at the Meaningful Play conference in Lansing, MI). Lauren Britton, Transliteracy Development Director for Fayetteville Free Library in New York, states someone who wants to do something because it is fun is more likely to find an activity to be meaningful than someone who is doing something for a reward or to learn something. When someone is engaged in a playful space, that person will learn more easily. Creating playful information-based spaces allows the learner to explore and engage with content on the learner’s terms instead of on the instructor’s terms.

I would like to explore this idea of incorporating a "maker space" into our Media Center and I'm curious how our students will respond. Stay tuned!

February Event...

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Can't wait!

I love this idea and totally stole it from area Media folks and Pinterest! Our February display will be full of books in brown paper bags. Each bag will have a blurb about the book and students (and staff) will be encouraged to come in and find a book/date that intrigues them the most, check it out, read it and bring it back towards the end of February. Readers will "rate their date" by filling out a card explaining what they liked or didn't like about the book. Participants will be entered in a raffle for prizes. I plan to announce this to our students at the end of January. Once it's public feel free to promote it!