The Roadrunner

Randolph Weekly Family Newsletter

Another Great Week at Randolph!

I want to thank all our Parents and Guardians for supporting our Roadrunners this week through their Virtual Learning. We are so lucky here at Randolph to have the best families and students around, THANK YOU!

In this weeks Newsletter you will find information on the Livonia Return to Learn Plan (Click on Red Button Below), An application for Free and Reduced Lunch, and our Randolph Parent Compact.

Have a great Weekend.

Mr. D

Livonia Public Schools Return to Learn Plan

Greetings Randolph Community,

This week you should have received the Livonia Public Schools Return to Learn Plan. At this time it is a proposal that will be voted on by the School Board on Monday, September 28. To view the meeting, please visit: Livonia School Board. We are making plans for the students to return in case the board approves the proposal. Please make sure you review the district proposal and start developing a plan as a family to return your students to in person learning. I will send out important procedural expectations for all returning students, if applicable, on Tuesday, September 29 following the vote.

Remember, if you chose Virtual Learning you will have an opportunity to reevaluate your decision in December. I am happy to help if you have any questions about the plan.

-Mr. D

Free and Reduced Lunch

It is important that all families have the ability to sign up for Free and Reduced Lunch this school year. Even if you are virtual at this time, you may elect to return at the trimester. There are also opportunities for families that stay virtual to receive food from the school. Please use the following link to sign up for Free and Reduced Lunch.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Randolph - Parent and Student Compact

This is a digital copy of our traditional Parent Compact that we fill agree upon each year. Please read this document over to understand our agreed upon expectations and sign to confirm your understanding.

Important News from the Office

We are sad to communicate that at this time we cannot have visitors or volunteers here at Randolph. We are following guidelines from Wayne County and the CDC so we can keep our kids safe and in school. We will of course reassess the guidelines if and when we go to the next phase here in Michigan. Thank you so much for your understanding. If you do have any questions or you need to drop something off for your child please stop in the office and Mrs. Coyne will assist you from the vestibule.

Playground Clean Up

Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Allen and the Randolph PTA organized a clean up of our playgrounds. We want to send a BIG thank you to everyone who helped make Randolph look great!

First Week Celebrations!

Greetings Randolph community,

We successfully completed our first week of online instruction! I want to thank all our families and staff for making this week a tremendous success. By now, we all know how to login to Google Classroom, attend virtual sessions, complete assignments, met our teacher, and collected our supplies for school. That's a great deal to accomplish in one week. We are doing something that we have never done before. We appreciate your flexibility this week and determination to learn some new things and make it a great experience for our kids. Have a great weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone for week two.

Morning Announcements

If you haven't checked our announcements out yet, tune in every morning to the Randolph Facebook page at 8:45 am. Each morning we do the announcements and share some important updates for the day.

Randolph Facebook Page

Next weeks Schedule

We continue our daily lesson schedule for the week of September 14-18. Each day our First and Third Graders will attend sessions at 9, 11, and 1. Our Kindergarten, Second, ad Fourth Graders will attend sessions at 10, 12, and 2.

Welcome Back!

Mrs. Werner made this beautiful heart that is displayed out in front of Randolph.

Big picture

A Message from Mrs. Wilson

Hello, Randolph Familes~

My name is Mrs. Wilson, and I am the Social/Emotional Elementary Support Teacher here at Randolph. I am thrilled to be back this year, and I am eager to assist you in this very different/stressful time to be a parent and student. Please reach out to me and schedule a time to meet with me, if I can help your daily life of remote/virtual learning.

I would love to work with you to fit your individual needs:

  • help you get your child on a good school schedule.
  • assist you in helping your child get the most out of Zoom lessons.
  • create visual charts/schedules.
  • support you in anything unique to your situation.
I am here for you, and we can figure it out together. To contact me, please email me at or call me at (734) 744-2770.

I look forward to working with you and your child!

Mrs. Wilson

Randolph Staff Sign Ups for Classroom Visits - September 8-11

Please click here to sign up for a classroom visit and materials pick up time.

Randolph Sign Up

Class Placements will be available in Parent Portal - Thursday, September 3 - 8 am

How to Login to Parent Portal

How to Access Your Child's Login Information Using Parent Connect

Randolph - First Week of School

Greetings Randolph Community!

We are so excited to welcome back our Randolph Roadrunners next week. Please don't forget that you can login to Parent Connect on Wednesday afternoon to find out your son or daughter's class placement. Your classroom teacher will be reaching out to you with a schedule for the first week. The following is an outline of what the first week will look like.

All sessions are online for the month of September.

Tuesday 9/8 - Half Day

  • Each class will have an opening meeting. Grades 1 and 3 will meet at 9 am and grades K,2, and 4 will meet at 10 am.
  • A Sign Up will come out from your teacher where your family can choose a time to come into the classroom, meet your teacher and gather materials. These meetings will take place during the day. Thursday evening will also be an option.

Wednesday 9/9

  • Grades 1 and 3 - Live lessons will take place at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm
  • K, 2, and 4 - Live Lessons will take place at 10 am, Noon, and 2 pm
  • Meetings will take place at schedule times with families.

Thursday 9/10

  • Grades 1 and 3 - Live lessons will take place at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm
  • K, 2, and 4 - Live Lessons will take place at 10 am, Noon, and 2 pm
  • Meetings will take place at schedule times with families. Evening Meetings will be available for those who need them.

Friday 9/11

  • Grades 1 and 3 - Live lessons will take place at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm
  • K, 2, and 4 - Live Lessons will take place at 10 am, Noon, and 2 pm
  • Meetings will take place at schedule times with families.

These times will continue for the month of September on every school day. Grades 1 and 3 - 9 am, 11 am, and 1pm / Grades K, 2, and 4 - 10 am,12 noon, and 2 pm. .

i-Ready Instructional will be available September 8!

Big picture

Chromebook Distribution

We have Chromebooks available for your Randolph Roadrunner to utilize this school year should you need one for home. Many families took advantage of leasing out Chromebooks last spring and you should still have those for this school year. You can use the same Chromebook from last year, even if you are heading up to Johnson for Fifth Grade.

If you need a Chromebook please stop up to the Randolph Office during office hours (8 am-4:30 pm)and Mrs. Coyne will check one out to you. Chromebooks will also be available when you come in the first week of school to meet your classroom teacher. Teachers will be reaching out by the end of the week to set up a time for you to come in.

Art Updates

Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to tell you that I DO get to be your Art Teacher again this year! Yippee! I wanted to let you prepare for our first virtual meeting together. You only need a few basic supplies to create some COOL Pop Art!!! You’ll need:

  • A piece of white paper- the thin kind not construction- can be lined or not- Yep plain old printer paper is good

  • A printed copy or original 8x10 picture of yourself -can be color or black and white (***We Will NOT be wrecking the picture- you’ll still have it in tack after the lesson.***)

  • A few pieces of tape

  • A pencil or fine tip black marker or black crayon

  • Whatever you want to complete the project like crayons, markers or watercolor paints - anything goes here people! Simple and fun!

Ok that’s it! Easy Cheesy Right?! I’ll be joining your classroom teacher at some point over the next few weeks and we will do a mini lesson using these supplies together…..drum roll….. live! I can’t wait to see you all!!!

I also wanted to let everyone know that your child’s ceramic artwork from last school year will be available for pick up next week. You may enter through the outside doors by the art room AFTER your scheduled time with your classroom teacher to pick them up. Please- only ONE parent may enter through the door outside by the second grade entry point to collect the work. The ceramics are on tables by last year's grade level just outside the art room door. Please be very careful and mindful of ceramic art that other students created. As you know, these are very special treasures!

Ms. Werner

Big picture

If you are interested in Free and Reduced Lunch - Click the link below.

Randolph Roadrunner

Happy Friday Randolph Roadrunners!

I wanted to write today to fill all our Randolph Families in on some updates for the 2020-2021 School Year. The Roadrunner (formerly Peek at the Week) will come out each Friday as a way to stay connected to what is going on at our school. I hope you are all staying safe and trying to enjoy this beautiful summer.

Here at Randolph the building is beautiful and the teachers are starting to prepare the rooms for our children. We are ready and excited to welcome you all back as soon as we safely can. As you know, we are starting the year virtually. We will have a plan to invite each family into school whether you chose Livonia Virtual or in person instruction. Stay tuned to information on when and how you can stop up and meet your teacher and collect your materials for a fantastic September of learning. The following letter updates you on some important items. I just want to start by saying how much I miss all our Roadrunners and can't wait to see you soon!

Mr. D

Welcome Back Randolph Roadrunners!

Greetings Randolph Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year. We miss all our Roadrunners tremendously and can’t wait to see you whether it be in person or virtually this school year. It has been a very different summer and we hope you have all stayed safe and enjoyed this time with your families.

We are looking forward to a great year at Randolph. As always, our staff is committed to beginning the year building relationships with students and creating a positive, caring classroom culture. Over these next few weeks, teachers will be engaged in professional development with a focus on remote learning, setting up their classrooms and as always are looking forward to meeting their students. We will be working hard to maintain our amazing family feel whether you have chosen Livonia Virtual for your child or will be starting the year remotely and returning face to face. We will communicate with you often these next few weeks as we prepare for our Return to Learn. We will be showing patience and grace to our staff, students and families as we work through the transition from remote learning to face to face.

We may not know all the answers...but we do know that we are going to do everything possible to keep everyone safe, create the best learning environments possible, and show deep care for our students and staff everyday! Our Community With Character and what we value as an LPS family will be more important than ever.

I am sure you have many questions and we are working on answering these questions as quickly as possible. The LPS Dialogue will be coming out soon which will include critical dates, times and start of the year information. We strongly recommend you continue to visit our district website and the Return To Learn page which has an informative FAQ. Our website houses the most timely information about our back to school plans.

Below are some additional details you may have on your mind:

  • Beginning Monday, August 24, Mrs. Coyne will be returning to the office. Mr. D is here as well and we look forward to answering any questions you may have heading into this school year. At this time we are asking families to make appointments if they need to meet with our office staff in person. Please contact us: phone: 734-744-2770 or email

  • Kindergarten Roundup(K-4 buildings) will NOT take place August 27, 2020 as previously planned. Instead, all elementary schools are working on a plan to safely invite all students to our classrooms to meet their in person or Livonia Virtual teacher. At that time we will also be able to distribute school materials needed to work at home either remotely or as part of Livonia Virtual. Those invitational visits will take place during the week of September 8. You can look for an invitation prior to Labor Day weekend.

  • We know you are all excited to receive school supply lists. Each school will email their school supply lists and publish them on their website no later than August 26, 2020.

  • A process for borrowing district technology will be shared on August 31, 2020. The goal is to have devices reserved for families that do not have adequate access for remote learning. There is no need to send email requests for mobile devices at this time.

  • As in the past, teacher assignments will be available in Parent Connect after 4:00 pm on September 2, 2020. See attached.

  • You can also be sure to find a remote learning and Livonia Virtual teaching schedule shared over the next few weeks.


Mike Daraskavich

Principal, Randolph Elementary


Phone: 734-744-2770

Randolph Website

Randolph on Facebook

Last Day of the 2019-2020 School Year

Friday, June 12 was our last day of school. This year is one that will not be forgotten. We had to take our learning online in March as we tried to stay safe during the Covid Pandemic. I want to thank all our staff and families for their hard work over the last 3 months to teach our students and help them continue to grow. We have a tremendous community and the partnership between our staff and families was inspiring. Great Job!!

I also want to congratulate all our Randolph Fourth Graders. I am so sorry that our time together was cut short. You are all leaders and I hope you take what you learned at Randolph to the next level. Step up, work hard, make a difference in all that you do! Make sure to come back and visit to tell us all about your amazing accomplishments.

It was so wonderful to see all our Roadrunner families at our Good Bye Parade! We hope you have a fantastic summer and look forward to seeing everyone back at Randolph in the fall.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Mr D

Summer Reading

GREAT NEWS! Livonia Public Schools has purchased i-Ready Online Reading Instruction for all students over the summer! i-Ready Reading Instruction is a terrific program to help keep your child's literacy skills sharp for school in the fall. The best ways for your child to keep up his or her literacy skills during the summer are to read at least 20-30 minutes every day and do i-Ready Reading Instruction online for 20-30 minutes daily. If your Randolph student has not done i-Ready Reading Instruction and needs support getting started, or if you would like Mrs. Wehner, our Academic Elementary Support Teacher, to monitor your child's i-Ready Reading Instruction lessons and progress, please email Mrs. Wehner at Mrs. Wehner would be happy to support Randolph students with i-Ready Reading Instruction this summer. Enjoy summer reading!️

Martian Marathon

Hello Randolph Roadrunners,

The Martian Marathon rescheduled for July 25th has been officially cancelled.

Here are the options to make BEFORE July 1st:

* Do nothing and your race registration will be automatically rolled over for the April 17, 2021 event

* Choose to participate virtually (the tee shirt, medal, and any add-ons will be mailed to your home)

* Choose to have a credit for the amount paid for future events

* Choose to have your entry fee donated to the organization that organizes the events

You can make your selection and find additional information at

All the best to our Randolph Families.

Mr. O

Photos of our Good Bye Parade!

Virtual Tour of Johnson Upper Elementary


Forms for Medication at School

If your child has medication kept at school, and you did not receive new medical forms for the 2020-2021 school year, please visit the Randolph website to get the medication forms needed for your child's health condition.

Randolph Medication Forms

In order for us to be able to administer medication to your child at school, new paperwork must be completed by your child's doctor and you over the summer for each school year. Thank you!

Art Room News

Hi Artsy Roadrunner People!

Hopefully everyone is well. I have really missed making art with the children! I thought I’d share a few words to let everyone know what we were up to in the art room this year. I also want to let you know why I am keeping the children’s artwork at school until the fall. There are actually several reasons for doing so.

We began the year looking at and making art inspired by the Renaissance era. We drew and painted, did some ceramics, did more ceramics and did some printmaking, collage and fiber arts too. We were on a roll and moved on to impressionistic art and artists. I do love Monet! Then, we had just completed taking a crack at some expressionism/cubism art. That was pretty cool stuff! As we started a unit on pop art, school closed due to the pandemic. Okay, so that's what was going on in the art room! I hope everyone got to see the virtual art show videos I made! If not, check them out at …

Alrighty, on to why I am keeping the kids art until this fall. The 3/D pieces are fragile and I want to know that your child has it safely in their hands and that you are expecting it before I part with them. As for the fourth grade cupcakes, not to worry! They will be sent over to their school with teacher names on the back so the kids can pick them up. As for my little winter ceramic group who made the snowmen, email me and I will make a plan to get them to you! As far as the kids 2//D artwork, it’s sort of incomplete. One of my goals this year was to allow the kids more time to self assess, critique and appreciate others artwork through gallery walks. If I send the artwork home, they won’t have those opportunities to do so in the fall. What? No! Gallery walks are the best! But seriously, those are important skills to develop and we need their actual artwork to be able to do those things.

Finally, and on a personal note, I lost my mother in April. Although she was ill, it was the virus that took her rather suddenly. She had been in a nursing home for a month. It’s been hard but now she isn’t sick anymore so that is a blessing.

Stay safe, have a beautiful summer and love those children! I look forward to making art with them again soon!!

Warmly, Ms. Werner

Last Week of School

Greetings Randolph Community!

It is hard to believe that this is the last week of school. It will be a busy week as staff prepare for summer and complete Report Cards. Please don't forget that Report Cards can be viewed on Parent Portal June 17. We have our Student Supply Pick Up this week and a Good Bye Parade on Friday.

Monday - Supply Pick Up - Grades K, 1, and Center - 10-12 and 3-5 pm.

Tuesday - Supply Pick Up - Grade 2,3, and 4. -10-12 and 3-5 pm

Wednesday Supply Pick Up - Anyone who missed their day - 10-12 and 3-5 pm

Friday - Good Bye Parade - 12:15

Please follow the maps below for both events. We look forward to seeing all our Randolph Roadrunners this week and wish you a safe and happy summer!

Mr. D

Big picture
Big picture

Livonia Art Show

Week of June 1-5

Greetings Randolph Community!

I hope you are all staying safe and continuing to work hard to finish out the school year. We are in the home stretch but it is important that we continue to complete assignments and do our best each day! Please make sure to read through the following plan as we will be returning student's belongings the week of June 8.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take care,

Mr. D

Student Supply Pick Up Plan

The teachers have been in this week working hard to pack up all the students belongings. We created a plan for distribution the week of June 8. We need your help to make this a smooth process. Please come on your designated day if at all possible. If you have siblings you can pick the day that works best for you. We really want to be organized in this process and keep everyone safe. Please make a sign with you last name on it and student(s) teacher on it. We will take it from there. As you pull in we will have your belongings brought out to your car. Just pop the trunk and we will deliver. We also need you to return any library books, leveled texts, classroom book bags, or other items you have at home that belong to the school.

You will be able to keep your Chromebooks for the summer if you loaned one from the school. We do need you to check the cover of your Chromebook. If you have a large E of F written on the cover followed by a number (ex.: E-12), we need that Chromebook returned and we will swap it out for a different Chromebook that you can keep for the summer.

We will have a lost and found set up in the North Parking Lot. Please practice social distancing when checking for items. Pictures of the items are below so you can possibly identify items before you come in.

All pick ups will be done in the South parking lot and we will follow the map below. The list of days is also included below.

Medication kept at school will also be returned at this time. Please write MEDS on your sign so we know to grab them.

Schedule for Pick Up

Monday, June 8 - Grades K, 1, and Resource Room Center - 10-12 pm or 3-5 pm

Tuesday, June 9 - Grades 2,3, and 4 - 10-12 pm or 3-5 pm

Wednesday, June 10 - If you missed the other days - 10-12 am and 3-5 pm

Big picture

Lost and Found

Week of May 11-15

Monday, May 11

  • Packet Pick Up - 1-2:30 - Randolph -This will be the final packet pick up for the school year.

Wednesday, May 13 - PTA Meeting - 6:30 pm

Topic: Randolph PTA Meeting

Time: May 13, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 872 1794 4298

Password: 9BAckf

Friday, May 14 - New Assignments are sent out for the week of 5/18

Randolph Art Program

Over the course of the next month we will be highlighting the Artwork done by each grade level. Please click below to see the Kindergarten Artwork. Thanks Mrs. Werner for putting these together.

Young 5's Registration

Registration for Young 5's begins next Thursday, May 14 at 8 am. Please visit the following link for more information on Young 5's.

The Randolph PTA made signs for our Fourth Grade Students. Check out the Randolph Facebook page to see them all.

Week of 5/4

Greetings Randolph Community,

This week begins week 2 of online learning. I am so proud of all the hard work being done while learning at home. We had 84% of our Randolph Roadrunners engaged and completing their assignments last week. Let's see if we can increase that number this week. It is so important that we continue to work hard and learn each day. Make sure you are completing your assignments and doing your best each day.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We have the best staff in the world at Randolph and I want to thank them for their dedication each and every day to meet the needs of their students and families. Please reach out and thank the Randolph staff this week!

Message from Mrs. Wilson

Please reach out if you need anything that can support your child/ children during this time--emotional support virtually or just someone to bounce ideas and routines off of. Chromebooks are still available, if you need them. I am here to help. I can be reached daily via email and will call you shortly after.

Week of 4/27

Greetings Randolph Community,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and staying safe at home. Next week begins our new online instruction. Each Randolph Staff member should have communicated their plan for instruction next week. We look forward to continuing to work together and support you virtually through this new learning plan. Each Randolph Staff member will have Zoom Meetings for connection, new learning lessons daily, and Office Hours for support. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I decided to create a sign up for my office hours. Please click here if you want to set up a meeting. I am happy to support in any way I can.

Mr. D's Office Hours (Tuesday and Thursday 3-4 pm)

When you add your name I will send you a link for a meeting.

Randolph Celebrates our Fourth Graders

Please make sure to check out the Randolph PTA Facebook page for daily recognition of our fourth graders. Every day 2 fourth grade students will be recognized.

Randolph PTA Facebook

Also make sure to check in for Morning Announcements at 9 am Daily.

Randolph Facebook Page

Week of April 20-24

Greetings Randolph Community,

I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy and miss all our Roadrunners dearly. Next week we will continue our at-home enrichment activities. Watch for those to come home today. We will also continue our morning announcements so please tune into the Randolph Facebook page at 9 am. You will also see some changes next week as we transition into new online instruction which will begin 4.27. Each classroom teacher will set up at least one class meeting. They will also communicate with you their plan for online instruction. Please keep in mind that our staff is learning new ways to teach remotely and they are working very hard and doing their best.

Beginning the week of 4.27 you will start seeing two Literacy lessons and two Math lessons which are viewed live or taped from your classroom teacher. Your student will have an opportunity to practice the new skill and submit their work for review. Participation will be collected and reflected in the Report Card at the end of the year. Each teacher will also have office hours. Office hours are a time when staff is available to answer questions from students and parents. Our support staff will also have office hours to support as needed. Beginning next week, I will also have office hours in which you can join a Zoom meeting to discuss any ways I can support you through this process.

Please be patient through this transition process to online learning. Know that we are working hard and doing our best to provide quality learning opportunities for your students. Thanks for your continued support and stay safe Randolph.

Mr. D

Mr. D - Office Hours

Mr. D will be available to meet with parents or students to support during our at home learning time. Mr. D's Office hours will be Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4. These drop in meetings will be individual 10 minute meetings. You will have to wait in the waiting room until there is an opening.

Tuesday - 4/21

Mike Daraskavich is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Office Hours with Mr. D

Time: Apr 21, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 981 1541 2142

Password: 2GcJcd

Thursday - 4/23

Mike Daraskavich is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Office Hours with Mr. D

Time: Apr 23, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 977 3744 4664

Password: 5uuWUE

Let's Celebrate our Randolph Fourth Grade Students!

Greetings Randolph Community,

We certainly did not expect our learning time together to end so soon. We want to take this opportunity while we are participating in at-home learning to recognize our Fourth Grade students who will be heading to Johnson in the fall. If you have a fourth grader, please check out the following link to share information so your son or daughter can be recognized during our morning announcements (Randolph Facebook Page) and on our PTA Facebook page.

My Randolph Fourth Grader


We are working hard to send our 4th graders off with great memories of Randolph. Another way we would like to do that is by highlighting them in our yearbook. Below is are links for each class for students to submit their favorite memory of their time at Randolph. This memory doesn't have to be a 4th grade memory. Their memory will be included in the yearbook next to their picture.






Randolph PTA Meeting

Wednesday we had our first virtual PTA Meeting. It was fantastic! We had around 35 families and staff attend and we had a great conversation. Lot's of questions were asked and answered. Please know the the Randolph PTA is here to support you and please check out their Facebook page for fun ways to stay involved. The following link will explain the PTA nominations for next year as well as future meeting dates and times.

Randolph PTA Nominations

Virtual PTA Meeting

Big picture

Welcome Back! Week of April 13-17

Good Evening Randolph Community,

I hope that our entire Randolph family is safe and had a wonderful Spring Break and Easter. Tomorrow we get back to work as we continue to learn from home. You received plans for this week from your son or daughter's teacher before we left for break on April 3. Please also join us in the morning for our Announcements at 9 am and daily challenge at 10 am on the Randolph Facebook page. This week we will also have a Randolph PTA meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. We will have this meeting over Zoom. A link to the meeting is below. Have a wonderful week and please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Randolph PTA Meeting - Wednesday 3/15 - 6:30 pm

Mike Daraskavich is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Randolph PTA Meeting

Time: Apr 15, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 967 4124 7994

Password: 1YMLip

Hugs over Email

Good Afternoon LPS Community,

If there is one thing we can all learn and appreciate, through this unprecedented health crisis, it is that all superheroes do not wear capes!

Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and all of the staff who are caring for patients on the front lines at the hospitals are the true heroes in this story. In LPS, we know that together, we are better. We want to help; we want to support, and we want to THANK those who are helping our neighbors, our families, and our community during this time.

To that end, we invite every student to join LPS in sharing our thanks by participating in the "Hugs over Email" effort for our heroes at St. Mary Mercy Livonia, our local hospital.

Here's how it works:

Students (and parents, grandparents, community members, etc) are encouraged to create a thoughtful message of thanks; snap a photo, or send a PDF to with "Hugs Over Email" in the subject line. We will send the greetings via email to our contact at the hospital!

It's that easy - and so meaningful.

We thank you in advance for helping us send some love and care to the staff at St. Mary's!

Have a great afternoon. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Randolph Communication Plan

Greetings Randolph Community,

On behalf of the Randolph Staff, I want to start by saying how much we miss all our Roadrunners and their families. This sure is a challenging time and we know that our community is strong and will continue to support one another. With that said, the Randolph staff has developed a plan to communicate with our students and families over the upcoming weeks.

Starting Monday (3/30) a Randolph staff member will present the morning announcements on Facebook live (Randolph Facebook Link). This will take place every weekday at 9 am until we return to school. We will start our day just the way we do at school with the pledge, mission, birthdays, and then a short story or lesson for the day. We will then come back again at 10 am with a challenge for the day. This will be something fun that you can do and post pictures and comments on Facebook so we can all stay connected. This will also be done by a different staff member each day. Please make sure to check these out each day.

This afternoon every classroom teacher will send out a weekly plan for their students. These are meant to practice skills and continue the learning process. Nothing will be graded or collected but we all know we need to learn each and every day if we want to become the leaders we want to be someday. This process will continue each Friday until we return to school.

So, please check in on Facebook each day to stay connected. Check out the weekly plan each Friday from your classroom teacher. Please know we are here for you. We want to support our Roadrunners through this process so don't hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe and I look forward to communicating with you on Monday.

Mr. D

Yearbooks for sale now!

Yearbooks are currently on sale! Be sure to get your order in. You can ONLY order online by clicking here:

Randolph Code: 1767820

If you have any yearbook related questions, please contact Suzanne Marsee (

A Message from Mr. O

Hello Randolph Roadrunners,

I hope this email finds you all doing well.

Keep eating, exercising, and reading together each day.

The greatest gift we give to our children is our attention.

I'll be sending home an April Fitness Calendar and a weekly fitness challenge to our families.

Walk or bike each day and maintain a safe distance from others.


Mr O

Check out a great story from the Randolph Staff

Randolph Kindergarten Teachers

Mr. D and Family

Make sure to read 30 minutes a day!

Happy Friday Randolph Community

I hope that our entire Randolph Community is doing well. It sure has been a tough week. The halls of Randolph have been empty for a week now and I sure miss all those smiling faces. We come to school each day to learn and grow through educational experiences and interactions with staff and peers. Now we are forced into our homes and asked to keep our focus and move forward. This is a tremendous challenge. Please know that the Randolph staff is here to help. We are your support system and want to help in any way possible. Please reach out if you need anything at all. The following items are the start. Next week Livonia will send more information on what we can be doing for our children in this challenging time away from school.

LPS Support Page

Food Distribution

Emotional Support:

Livonia Public Schools has a hotline to support students during this time emotionally. Parents, guardians and students can email at or they can call 734-744-2SES or 734-744-2737.

Spring Break

Spring Break will be regularly scheduled with students returning on Monday, April 13.

Report Cards on Parent Connect March 25th

Parents can access their students report card on Parent Connect starting on Wednesday, March 25th. If you have any questions or concerns about the report card please email your childś teacher.


Michigan students will not have to take the M-STEP and other state-mandated assessments after U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced Friday students impacted by school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic can bypass standardized testing for the 2019-20 school year. We are grateful for this relief so that when school resumes we can focus on instruction and learning.


As a reminder to your children, all district Chromebooks are monitored by software to protect students. When a student searches or visits a website that is inappropriate in nature, the district will receive a warning with your child's name and exactly what they searched. As a district, we will be monitoring online habits and will reach out to families if their child has violated these rules. Remind your students to only be on websites and to only search appropriate and educationally related topics.

Make sure to check out our School and PTA Facebook for fun activities and news from the school.

Randolph Facebook Page

Randolph PTA Facebook Page

Take care and please let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. D

Week of March 9-13

Tuesday, March 10 - No School - Voting Day

Wednesday, March 11 - Roadrunner Rally - AM

- 6:30 pm - PTA Meeting - Mr. D will share a Third Grade Reading Bill Presentation. Please join us. Babysitting is provided.

Thursday, March 12 - Folk Dancing at Randolph - Mr. B will be hosting a special night for Folk Dancing. All are invited to attend.

Friday, March 13 - 1/2 Day - End of the Second Trimester

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month and Mr. D challenged the students to read 4,000 hours! Our theme is Wild about Reading. Please make sure to read every night and track your minutes on the provided reading log. These should be returned every Friday to total our hours and the kids can win prizes. If we accomplish our goal Mr. D has agreed to bring in a Wild animal presentation and hold a wild animal in front of the school.

Week 1 Results!

After Week 1 the Randolph Roadrunners read 692 Hours! That is amazing since we only started on Monday. Great work Randolph. Happy Reading this Weekend.

Mr. B's Amazing Ukulele Performers!

With the tremendous help of the Randolph Community, last year Mr. B purchased Ukuleles for the kids to use in Music class. The students have been doing a great job learning to play these wonderful instruments. This year Mr. B ordered some devices that allow for every student to successfully play the Ukulele. These boxes attach to the end of the Ukulele and allow students to play cords easier allowing for everyone (even Mr. D) to play! We hope to feature these musicians at our spring concerts. Stay tuned.

Randolph Book Fair

The Spring Book Fair is Here! We hope you are able to stop by and support the library. Hours are below:

Preview for Students: During regularly scheduled media center times.

Student Shopping: 2/24-3/2: 9:00-9:30 am (money only)

After School: 2/24-2/27: 3:45-4:30 pm

Family Events:

  • Movie/Family Literacy Event: Thursday, 2/27, 5:30-8:00 pm

  • Rise & Shine Read: Monday, 3/2, 8:00-9:30 am

Third Grade Wins the Box Top Contest!

Our third grade students won the Box Top Contest through the PTA. They will receive a movie party with popcorn in the near future. Thanks for supporting our PTA through scanning those Box Tops. We will have one final contest that will end in May. Keep collecting.

Week of February 24-28

Monday, February 24 - Book Fair Begins

Thursday, February 27 - Literacy Night / Movie Night - 6-8 pm

Yearbook Cover Winner!

Yearbook Cover Winner!

Every year the Fourth Graders have an opportunity to design our yearbook cover. All the entries were very well done. The teachers vote on the winner each year and the results are...

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, February 17 and 18 - No School
  • Thursday, February 27 - Literacy Night - 6-8 pm
  • Monday, March 2 - Ready, Set, Rise, Read - Come and join us in the morning before school for some fun reading activities and treats. We will also have our Reading Month Kick Off March 2. Look for paperwork coming home that day.
  • March 5 - Kindergarten Information Night - Event for all incoming Kindergartners to learn more about Randolph.
  • March 10 - No School
  • March 13 and 27 are 1/2 Days - 12:10 dismissal

Spread the Love

Big picture

Good Fellows Update

Great job Randolph Community! We made a difference in the lives of others this holiday season.
Big picture

100th Day Pictures!

Martian Marathon

Hello Randolph Roadrunners

The Kids' Martian Marathon is Saturday, April 18th

Log mileage with your family now and run 1.2 miles the day of the event.

Register now for the best price! (registration includes t-shirt, medal, logbook, inflatable martian)

Everyone will meet Mr. O at Ford Field Park in Dearborn for our 12:20 pm start

Parents and staff can run for FREE with the children or cheer from the sidelines.

Additional information can be found at

This is how the students register for the Kids' Marathon:

Select that you are registering as a “group participant

Team Name: Randolph Roadrunners - Orange Wave 12:20 Password: Heart

Captain/Leader: Charles O’Loughlin

IMPORTANT: Register by March 9th to receive the group discount of $20/participant


This is how the adults & older students (parents, staff, etc.) register for "timed events":

Select that you are registering as a “group participant

Events = 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon

Team Name: Randolph Roadrunners Password: Heart

Captain/Leader: Charles O’Loughlin

Mission for Miles Discount: SCHOOLGROUP20 (This is a special discount for school groups)


Please contact me if you have questions.

Heart, Heart, Heart!

Mr. O’Loughlin, Physical Education

PTA Valentines Dance - February 13 - $5 per Family

Big picture

Third Grade Market Day was a tremendous success!

Big picture

Randolph Special Person's Breakfast

March is Reading Month

In March we celebrate reading all month long! It is an exciting time each year where we challenge our students to read as much as they can at school and home. Read shirts are a fun way to help celebrate. If you are interested in purchasing a READ shirt they are available until February 9. You will revceive your READ shirt by March.

READ shirt Link

Kindergarten Registration begins February 3

If you have an incoming kindergarten student or know someone with a Kindergarten age student please make sure to stop in and register beginning February 3. These packets can be picked up during school business hours (8-4:30) in the Randolph office. There is also a registration event on Saturday, February 22. Please click on the following link for a time slot on February 22.

Kindergarten Registration

Big picture

Upcoming Events - Mark your Calendars!

Tuesday, January 28 - Special Person Breakfast

February 12 - PTA - Founder's Day

February 13 - Sweetheart Dance - 6-8 pm

February 14 - Spirit Day - Valentines Colors

February 17-18 - No School

February 27 - Literacy Night - 6-8 pm

Randolph Parent Night 2020!

Thanks to all the families who attended our first annual Parent Night at Randolph. It was a great night with many informative sessions. A great time was had by parents and students! Please join us next year if you were not able to attend.

Welcome Back and Happy New Year

Welcome Back, Randolph Community! We had an excellent week here at Randolph. The students are doing a great job transitioning back to our school procedures. This is an exciting time of year in the schools because we begin to see so much progress from the students. Keep reading everyday and creating those great habits. We look forward to a fantastic 2020 here at Randolph.

On January 21 we will host a Parents Night here at Randolph. A flier came home this week. Please join us if you can for this informative evening. Please check out the rest of this newsletter for information from the Art Room and a project to Spread the Love.

Mrs. Werner's Artsy News

Big picture
Pinecone Snowmen by Mrs. Slack's class, Pinecone Penguins by Mrs. Thompson’s class, Snowmen Dishes by Ms. Petoskey kids, Snowflakes by Mrs. Francis kindergarten students. Luminaries by special recess clay club.

Kindergarten Registration

We are excited to announce that Kindergarten Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin on Monday, Feb. 3!

If you, or someone you know, has an incoming kindergartner who will be five years old by Sept. 1, 2020, please see and share the following information.

Website link to registration information:

The district will once again host a special Saturday registration event for parents, from 9 a.m. - Noon on Saturday, Feb. 22 at Riley Upper Elementary, 15555 Henry Ruff.

Please see the Sign-Up LINK HERE to schedule an appointment.

We are so excited to welcome our new class of students to LPS!

Happy Holidays

From all the Randolph Staff, we want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Break. Have a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2020! School resumes January 6.

Parenting Workshop

The Randolph staff looks forward to welcoming our community to a Parent Night on January 21. We will have informative sessions and fun events designed to learn together. Parenting is tough... let's work together to make it easier!
Big picture

Randolph Ceramics Studio - Holiday Creations - Thanks Mrs. Werner!

Happy Holidays Randolph Community!

Big picture

Randolph PTA Calendar for 2020

Big picture

December Roadrunner Rally

Week of December 9-13

Wednesday, December 11

  • Roadrunner Rally - 9:15 am
  • Restaurant Fundraiser - Las Palapas - Come out to eat and support the Randolph PTA

Friday, December 12

  • Report Cards Come Home
  • Spirit Day - Wear your Randolph Gear!

Randolph Box Top Contest

Congratulations Mrs.Gierak’s Kindergarten class! You are our first BOX TOP WINNERS! Mrs. Gierak’s class will enjoy a special Holiday treat!

Mrs. Hillard's Third Graders are making a difference!

This week Mrs. Hillard's Third grade class raised money for a Boys Home to purchase Holiday Gifts for the boys. These boys might otherwise not get gifts this holiday season. These amazing boys and girls decided to host a pajama day here at Randolph and raised money for this great cause. Great job boys and girls!
Big picture

Randolph Holiday Shop

The holiday shop begins next Monday, Dec 2, see the attached flyer for class schedule. Your child should bring the envelope they brought home to school on or before their shopping day. The attached flyer explains the three options for payment.

WE NEED YOU! Volunteers are needed to make this holiday shop a success. Please click this link to sign up. The more help we have the better.

Thanks and happy shopping!

PTA News

Please be sure to use Amazon Smile for all of your Black Friday shopping! Link your Amazon Smile account to Randolph Elementary and a percentage comes back to the school! This works the same as Amazon Prime, but you MUST shop through the website!

1. Go to in your phone's browser and log into your account

2. Choose Your AmazonSmile from the drop down menu in the top left corner.

3. Click "Choose your charity" or "Change your charity"

4. Search "Randolph Elementary PTA" (be sure to choose the Livonia, MI selection)

5. Start shopping!

To make shopping easier, follow these instructions for adding a new "app" to your phone!

1. Tap the "share" icon at the bottom of your browser window.

2. Tap "Add to Home Screen, then tap "add"

3. A new icon will appear on your home screen to return at any time to

Thank you to all our Randolph Families for sending in non perishable food for the Goodfellows Organization.

We collected over 60 boxes of food! Check out the chart below to see how each grade did in our competition to collect as many cans as possible. This food will go to families in need this holiday season. Thank You!

Week of December 2-6

Monday, December 2

  • Holiday Shop Opens for Business! Each class will have an assigned day and time to shop for their loved ones.

Wednesday, December 4

  • Picture Retake Day - 1-3 pm

Thursday, December 5

  • End of the First Trimester

Friday, December 6

  • No School for Randolph Students - Teacher Records Day

Week of November 25-29

Monday, November 25

Tuesday, November 26

  • Pajama Day - Fundraiser for Mrs. Hillard's class (flier went home yesterday) - $1 to wear PJ's.

Wednesday 11-27- Friday 11/29 - No School - Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Break.

NEST Meeting - 11/20

This week all Randolph Roadrunners met with their NEST group for a school wide lesson focused on Habit 1: Be Proactive. The students are learning that they are in charge of their own decisions and choices. The groups focused on teaching the students to know their own priorities and others priorities in order to get the best result in countless situations and to help them create the best relationships possible with others. As a NEST group, all students listened to a story called "The Important Book". Following the story, the groups each had a discussion about how students can find out what is important to others... by asking questions. They were also asked to think about what is important to different people - to students, teachers, parents, etc. The NEST groups talked about how knowing what is important to you and those around you can help you to be more proactive. The students also decorated and cut out a mustache, which they wore as a necklace throughout the day. This was a reminder for the students to use their words to learn about others and be a more proactive student. So be ready for your child to say that they "Must-achue a Question"!

Randolph Artists in Action!

Upcoming Dates

November 21 - MOD Pizza Night - The Randolph Staff will be serving pizza so please come and join us!

November 27-29 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

December 2-5 - Holiday Shop

December 6 - No School for Elementary Schools - Teacher Records Day

December 13 - Report Cards Go Home

Holiday Shop volunteer Sign Up

Kindness T-Shirts

KINDNESS T-shirts are now available for purchase from the Randolph Elementary PTA to show your support during Kindness Month in February.


All orders must be submitted online.

Online store closes on Friday, November 22nd.

No orders can or will be taken after the deadline.

The Randolph Walk-a-thon was today! The kids did an amazing job raising money. They raised over $15,000 for the Randolph PTA and even made Mr. D wear a Chicken Costume.

Big picture

Walk-a-thon Pics

Student Lighthouse Team

Thank you for sending in all the canned food already! We are going to make a big difference this holiday season for those in need. The student lighthouse team will be collecting and graphing our progress all the way to Thanksgiving.

Randolph First Grade Students were on Channel 7 News this week!

Our First grade students have been learning about weather. This week Kevin Jeanes visited to talk to the kids about weather reporting. Check out the clip of Randolph in the News.

Click Here

Week of November 11-15

Wednesday, November 13 - PTA Meeting - 6:30 - Randolph Learning Lab

Friday, November 15 - Mama Mia is playing at Churchill - Buy your tickets now.

November Roadrunner Rally

We had our Roadrunner Rally this week in which we celebrated our goal for October which was doing our BEST in the classroom. The students are doing a great job this year of following the expectations and treating each other with kindness. We celebrated many students with BEST awards for doing their BEST at school each and every day.

The Randolph Student Lighthouse Team will be starting our Gleaners canned food drive next week. Watch for communication to come home and begin sending in any non perishable food you can spare for those in need this holiday season.

Big picture

Halloween Fun at Randolph!

Big picture

Week of November 4-8

Tuesday, November 5 - No School - Make sure to get out and vote! - PD Day for staff.

Wednesday, November 6 - November Roadrunner Rally

Friday, November 8 - PTA Walk-a-thon - Each grade level will head out to the new walking path to walk and raise money to support Randolph. We are very excited to welcome the Churchill marching band, as well as some surprise guests to help make this an exciting event!

Thank you Randolph PTA!

The Randolph PTA hosted a fantastic Fall Festival last week. We hope you were able to come and join us as the kids had a blast trick-or-treating, dancing, playing games, and enjoying treats! Thanks to the PTA and all our parent volunteers for helping make this night a success. We also want to thank all our amazing Randolph staff that was able to be there to celebrate with our students.

Congratulations to all our Pumpkin Contest Winners! All the students did an amazing job this year to decorate pumpkins! Way to go Randolph Roadrunners!

Student Lighthouse Team News

Hello Randolph Families! The Student Lighthouse Team is working hard on our first few projects to help our school and our community. We are going to be starting a recycling project at Randolph! We will be recycling broken crayon pieces and dried up markers to help our environment. We will be collecting the pieces and shipping them back to Crayola, where they will recycle and reuse the pieces. We are looking for donations of shoe boxes to help us collect the pieces in all of our classrooms. If you have any shoeboxes at home, please send them in to the office by next Friday. We need about 60 boxes! Thank you for your support and helping out at Randolph!

NEST Meeting - Wednesday, October 23

This week all Randolph students met with their NEST team. Several times throughout the year, all students will travel to another classroom for a schoolwide lesson on one of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. This opportunity allows the students to all meet another adult in the school, who will be his/her NEST teacher until 4th grade. It’s important for students to make as many positive adult connections as possible, to help lead them to a successful school experience. For this first NEST meeting we focused on getting to know one another. We began by watched a read aloud of the story Stone Soup. This is a story about teamwork and how we will find happiness when we all contribute to our team. After reading the book, we talked as a NEST team and everyone shared their name and something that they bring to the group. We shared things we are good at or like to do. We celebrated and honored the fact that all our differences and talents make us a great team.

Randolph Book Fair

Dear Randolph Families,

Thank you for a successful Fall Book Fair. It was wonderful to meet everyone, and the fair definitely sparked a love of reading in our kids! We will be able to purchase a lot of books and technology with the money we’ve raised, and we were able to buy 40 new titles for our Series Collection by raising $345.15 from the All for Book program. (I also took $1129.84 of our profit in books straight from the book fair for the library, 116 titles, so we will get those popular books in circulation as soon as possible!)

Thanks also to the many volunteers who helped me promote, set up, and run the fair, and a special “thank you” to the teachers and parents who helped me to tear down the fair on Thursday night. I can’t thank you enough for the generous support of the library. The fair was a huge success because of all the great people in the Randolph Community.

Total sales: $8,805.83

Total Scholastic Dollars Profit (52%): $4619.07


Lisa Zaar, Media Specialist

PTA - Fall Festival - October 25 - 6-8 pm

Please join us for the Fall Festival on October 25 from 6-8 pm. A flier went home showing families how to RSVP online. If you would like to pay cash you can use the attached link to print a form that can be filled out and returned to the school office. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall Festival!

Fall Festival Form

Important Dates

November 5 - No School - Election Day

November 8 - PTA Walk-a-thon

November 13 - PTA Meeting - 6 pm

November 27-29 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

December 5 - End of the First Card Marking

December 6 - No School

December 13 - Report Cards go Home

December 23 - Begins Winter Break

Randolph Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Just a reminder that the Randolph annual pumpkin contest with begin on Monday, October 21st! We are incredibly excited to see our front lobby decorated with creative pumpkins! Beginning on Monday, please bring your pumpkin to school and place it on your grade level table in the front lobby. Please make sure your first AND last name are on the bottom of the pumpkin. See the attached note for rules. Please email Mrs. Steele at if you have any questions! Happy decorating!

Click Here for More Information

Attention Kindergarten Families

Please don't forget to fill out your paperwork for the Competitive Edge College Savings Program. The Livonia Public Schools will help you set up and start a savings account by adding $100 for your student. All you have to do is click on the link below. Please complete the form and turn it in to the Randolph office before February 1, 2020 for your child to receive money from the Foundation, if they graduate from a Livonia Public School high school and are excepted to a college, university or trade school.

Competitive Edge

October is AAC Awareness Month

Each October is International AAC Awareness Month. The goal is to raise awareness of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and to inform the public about the many different ways in which people communicate using AAC. Here at Randolph you may have noticed our new Core Board on the playground. This sign helps our students communicate their needs here at school. It is an extremely helpful and important tool to aide in communication.

AAC - Did you know?

According to Jane Korsten's research, by 18 months, when we expect children to start speaking, they have had 4,380 hours of exposure to spoken language. In order for an AAC user to have that amount of language exposure on his/her communication system, if it is only used during speech and language sessions, (2x30) it would take 84 years.

There are lots of inaccurate MYTHS out there about providing children with AAC. Such as, won’t that make them NOT talk? When actually the great depth of research actually supports OPPOSITE. Iillar, Light & Schlosser (2006) published that with AAC intervention they found:

  • Increases in speech production—89%

  • No change in speech production—11%

  • Decreases in speech production—0%

There is a wealth of information available to support children, families, and school staff with AAC. For more information you can visit the following sites:

AAC - Did you know?

Core boards are a low tech and inexpensive form of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) and give students the opportunity to point to words they may not be able to say, allowing them to communicate. Children who are non-verbal, due to Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Apraxia, Angelman Syndrome, and many other medical conditions often use AAC as part or all of their communication methods. But taking a device to a playground isn't always practical, and a core board gives them another option for communicating with peers and staff in a natural inclusive setting.
Big picture

Mrs. Gierak - 100.3 WNIC Teacher of the Week!

Thursday morning Mrs. Gierak was featured on 100.3 WNIC as the Teacher of the Week. She was interviewed on the radio this morning and received a beautiful plaque celebrating her dedication to the students of Randolph. Congratulations Mrs. Gierak! #Livoniapride
Big picture

Randolph PTA Wins $1,000 Prize!

Wednesday evening, the Randolph PTA received a $1,000 check from Dr. Nicole Teifer of Today's Orthodontics. Randolph won a recent contest through Dr. Teifer's office. We want to extend a BIG thank you to Dr. Teifer for this generous donation. #Livoniapride
Big picture

Week of October 14-18

Monday, October 14

  • Picture Day! School Pictures will be taken on Monday.

Wednesday, October 16

  • Parent Teacher Conferences - 5-8 pm

Thursday, October 17

  • Half Day for students - Dismissal at 12:10
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - 1-4 pm and 5-8 pm

Friday, October 18

  • Half Day for students - Dismissal at 12:10
  • Parent Teacher Conferences - 1-4 pm

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are a very important time to touch base with your classroom teacher. You will discuss successes as well as challenges. You will create a plan together to make sure that your son or daughter has a successful school year. We look forward to seeing our Randolph Community next week at Conferences.

PTA News

  • We are so lucky to have some of the very BEST teachers and staff at Randolph!

During Parent Teacher conferences, it can be difficult to find the time to grab a snack. So the PTA would like to make these long days & evenings a little easier for them by stocking the Teacher's Lounge with some of their favorites.

If you'd like to donation an item, please visit our sign-up by clicking on the link below.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be the evening of October 16, the afternoon and evening of October 17, and the afternoon of October 18. This is an important time to touch base with your son or daughter's teacher, learn about how the year is going, and make a plan for success. Please click on the following ink, select your teacher, and choose a time that works for your family.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Randolph Walk-a-thon

Next week on Wednesday we will have our Roadrunner Rally for October. At this meeting we will share information about our Walk-a-thon. This is the major fundraiser for the Randolph PTA. The Randolph PTA does a great deal for our students including Fun Events, Field Trips, and Classroom Resources like IXL, Leader in Me, and Scholastic News. Please support our Walk-a-thon. Paperwork will come home on Wednesday.

Student Lighthouse Team and Leadership Jobs.

This week we continued to roll out more Leadership Jobs. Our goal is for every student in the building to have a Leadership Job throughout the school year. This week applications were available for Announcement Leaders, Flag Leaders, Lunchroom Leaders, and Equipment Cart Leaders. Next week we will have applications for Student Lighthouse Team. This is a team of leaders who will help make Randolph the best school it can be. They run charity drives, track school goals, present to classrooms, and lead Roadrunner Rallies. This team will meet at least once a month but up to 2-3 times a month at lunch to help support Randolph Elementary. One Lighthouse Team Member will be chosen from each classroom.

Ms. Slack, Ms. Curtis, and Ms. Shepler all had their classes team up for a Nature Scavenger Hunt this week. What a great way to build community and learn together!

Mrs. Hillard and Mrs. Williams won Classroom Grants from Meemic Insurance. They received all sorts of great classroom materials!

Big picture

No Child Without Christmas - Goodfellows Holiday support

Dear Parents & Guardians of Randolph Students:

The Livonia Goodfellows’ annual campaign to help ensure No Child Without a Christmas is fast approaching. Randolph Elementary School has a limited number of applications to receive assistance this holiday season. Applications will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, until they are gone. If you are a Livonia resident with children residing with you who are enrolled in school, your household income is within the income guidelines below, and you would like to apply, please contact me for an application. Requests for applications will be handled discreetly and kept confidential. Completed applications are due to the Goodfellows by October 31.

Income Guidelines:

Household Size Income 2 person $40,000 / 3 person $46,000 / 4 person $52,000 / 5 person $58,000 / 6 person $64,000 / 7 person $70,000 / 8 person $76,000 / Add'l persons: $6,000 per person.

Please know that parent/guardian applicants must attend a 30-minute interview at the Civic Park Senior Center (15218 Farmington Road). Call (313) 438-0862 to schedule your appointment. If you would like a Livonia Goodfellows holiday assistance application, please contact me at or (734) 367-9593.

Warmly, Amy Wehner

Elementary Support Teacher

We Love Friday at Randolph! We Celebrate with Music in Front of the School in the Morning!

Week of September 16-20

Next week here at Randolph is a pretty standard week. We have nothing out of the ordinary planned. Students will be starting their integrated literacy assessments which take place during literacy time in class. These assessments help our staff plan for instruction to meet the needs of every learner. We look forward to another great week at Randolph next week.

Rock Star Savers

We are so fortunate here at Randolph to have a student Credit Union. This program is through Zeal Credit union. Students can come to the Credit Union at school and make deposits in a real bank account. This is a great way to teach our children the value of saving. Please click on the following link to learn more. (Please note that the formatting is a little off because I tried to convert a PDF but the info is good and the dates are all there)

Rock Star Savers

PTA Meeting Recap

We had our first PTA meeting of the year on Wednesday. It was a great meeting and very well attended. It is wonderful to have representation from so many families at this meeting. The PTA does many things to support our students all year long. We discussed the budget for the year which includes funds to support two great programs for the students, Leader in Me and IXL Math. You will learn more about these as the year goes on. We also discussed the Fun-a-thon which is the PTA's major fundraising effort for the school year. The students will come home with information on October 2 explaining how to collect pledges to support our school. If the students achieve their goal there are some fun surprises they can earn. You will have to wait and see. The next big event is the Fall Festival which takes place on October 25. A Sign Up Genius will come out soon for volunteers if you want to help with this fantastic event.

Important Dates

October 2 - Roadrunner Rally and Fun-a-thon Kick off (watch for info to come home on the Fun-a-thon)

October 9 - PTA Meeting

October 10 - Family Movie Night

October 14 - PICTURE DAY!

October 16-18 - Parent Teacher Conferences (Sign Up Genius will come home soon)

October 25 - Fall Festival

Great First Week!

It has been a great first week of school here at Randolph. We have been working hard on establishing procedures and creating a community of learners so that our year can be successful. Thanks for your help to make sure students are here on time and lining up by grade level in the mornings. This newsletter will come out every week on Friday to give you information on the upcoming week at Randolph. We also like to share some of the great things going on here at Randolph as well.

Week of September 9-13

Monday, September 9

  • This week is Safety Week. We will review and practice our Safety Drills all week long. This is a great time to talk to your son or daughter about safety at home. Stranger Danger, home fire plan, and safety at school all might be great dinner conversations this week.

Wednesday, September 11

  • Roadrunner Rally (students only/during school day)- 9:15 am - We will have our first Roadrunner Rally on Wednesday. These are whole school gatherings in which we teach the students our school-wide expectations. We set goals, collect data, and celebrate success at these rallies. Roadrunner Rallies are typically he first Wednesday of each month.
  • PTA Meeting - The Randolph PTA will host their first meeting of the year at 6:30 pm in the Learning Lab. Babysitting is provided in the gym during these meetings. Please stop up to learn about the PTA's plan for the school year.

Friday, September 13

  • Special Kindergarten Lunch with Mr. D for all that turn in their summer writing journal. An invitation will come home next week.

Big picture

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

Greetings Randolph Community!

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are gearing up for another amazing school year. The teachers and I are sharpening the pencils and decorating the school in preparation of September 3. Here are some updates to help get you ready for the school year.

The following Link will give you more specifics on our Open House and School Information Night on Wednesday, August 28 from 6-8 pm.

Open House and School Information Night

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3. This is a half day with dismissal at 12:10.

I look forward to a great year. Please know that my door is always open. Stop in with any questions or concerns.

Mike Daraskavich

Medication Drop Off

Please stop into the Randolph office and ask to talk to Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wehner, or Mrs, Coyne to drop off any medication your student needs during the school day. Medication Drop off is availavble from 8-4:30 everyday the week of August 26-29. If you can't come in during this time, please contact Mrs. Wehner: or Mrs. Wilson : to set up a drop off time.

Medication Pick Up

Please pick up your child’s medication from the 2018-2019 school year on the last day of school, Friday, June 14 (arrangements may be made with Mrs. Coyne for Monday, June 17 or Tuesday, June 18, if needed). Any medication that is left at Randolph after Tuesday, June 18, will be disposed.

Parking Concerns

It has brought to my attention that parking has been very challenging and it is getting congested on Hix St. behind the school. Please consider parking in the Pool club parking lot during pick up. Make sure to give plenty of room at the crosswalks as we have little children walking home and want to keep them safe.

On Monday we need to keep our main parking lot clear. Please do not park in the lot in front of the school on Monday morning. We will be having a BMX assembly and they will be setting up in the parking lot Monday morning.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, June 4 - Kindergarten Round Up - 3 Sessions (call our office for information if you have questions)

Thursday, June 6 - End of Year Celebration - 6-8 pm - Randolph Playground

Friday, June 7 - Donuts for Dad- 8-9 am - Randolph Gym

Monday, June 10 - BMX Assembly (Provided by Randolph PTA) - During the school day.

Wednesday, June 12 - Last Full Day of School

  • Kindergarten Graduation - 2 pm

Thursday, June 13 - Half Day

Friday, June 14 - Half Day - Last Day of School

  • Fourth Grade Clap Out - 11:45 - Please come and join us to line the halls and clap out our Fourth Graders as they move on to Johnson.

News from the LMC!

Dear Randolph Families,

Thank you for a successful "Buy One, Get One" Book Fair. It was wonderful to meet everyone, and the fair definitely sparked a love of reading in our kids! We will be able to purchase a lot of books and technology with the money we’ve raised including $439.67 from the All for Book program to purchase new Battle of the Books titles. Since this is a BOGO fair, most profits go back to all of you, but our sales were good enough to obtain $620.67 in Scholastic Dollars, so thank you for your support! It was a win-win for all of us.

Thanks also to the many volunteers who helped me promote, set up, and run the fair, and three special “thank you's” to my Math Night volunteers, my Art/Music Night volunteers, and everyone who helped me to tear down the fair on Wednesday night. Thanks to the entire Randolph Community for your generous support of the library. The fair was a huge success because of all the great people here.

Total sales: $4,375.46 (BOGO!)

Total Scholastic Dollars Profit (15%): $620.67

Leadership Day was a tremendous success!

Thank you to the parents and community members that were able to join us for Leadership Day. The students did an amazing job explaining their learning this school year and how the 7 Habits are used at Randolph. This was our first Leadership Event and it provided over 150 students leadership opportunities. Once again, thank you and we look forward to next year's event being even bigger and better!

Week of May 27-31

Monday, May 27 - No School - Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 29 - Leadership Day

  • Parents are welcome to come and join us for the morning. Leadership Day is designed to give the Randolph students an opportunity to teach others about the 7 Habits and how we use the Leader in Me in our School. The session runs from 9:15-11:15. Please join us if you are available Wednesday morning.

Thursday, May 30 - Second Grade Story Telling Event - 6 pm

Today Third Grade hosted their Wax Museum! The students were amazing!

The Randolphian Museum of Art was a tremendous success! On Wednesday, we had our Art air and Music Concerts. Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Moorton, and Mr. Bottoroff put on an amazing evening!

Tuesday we hosted our first Annual Game Night. A great time was had by all and almost everyone left with a fun game to take home and play with the family!

Free Swim Lessons!


Monday, July 1 – Friday, July 5 (No lessons Thursday July 4)

Livonia Parks & Recreation is partnering with Livonia Community Swim Club to offer one week of FREE swim lessons for Livonia Resident Youth going into grades K-6!

Proof of free or reduced lunch program will be required to participate in lessons. Lessons are 40 minutes with 4 classes total.

Botsford Pool 10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.

(19444 Lathers)

Clements Circle Pool 11 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

(999 Harrison)

Shelden Pool 9 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.

(33123 Van Court)

Register at the Kirksey Recreation Center, 15100 Hubbard. For more information call (734) 466-2900.

Randolph Updates - Week of May 13-17

Greetings Randolph community,

We had an excellent week here at Randolph! On Wednesday we had our Field Day. The kids had a blast playing all the outdoor games and rotating to fun stations. We want to thank Mr. O and Mrs. Hinderliter for putting everything together. We also want to thank all our parent volunteers for running the stations and helping everything go smoothly.

Speaking of volunteers, we had our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday as well. We could not do what we do with out the tremendous parent support. Thank you to all those who are active in our PTA, volunteering in classrooms, running programs, and working with the kids each day.

Week of May 20-24

Tuesday, May 21 - Math Night

  • Stop up to Randolph anytime from 6-8 pm to play math games and have a fun and engaging evening with your kids. There will be a raffle with fun prizes and lots of fun to be had by all.

Wednesday, May 22 - Art and Music Extravaganza

  • On Wednesday we will host our annual Music Concerts, Art show, and Ice Cream Social. Pleas join us at Randolph for this Amazing evening.
  • Music Concerts - Grade 1 6:10-6:25 / Grade 2 6:40-6:55 / Grade 3 7:10-7:25 / Grade 4 7:40-7:55. All students should report to their classrooms 10 minutes before their performance.

Friday, May 24 - Half Day

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 14 - Dr. Daniels, principal at Kennedy Elementary, will be coming to Randolph to talk to the students who will be attending Kennedy next school year. She will read them a story and answer some questions so the kids feel comfortable with this transition.

Wednesday, May 15 - Field Day and Volunteer Luncheon

  • PTA Meeting - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, May 22 - Art Fair/ Music Concerts / Ice Cream Social - 6-8 pm

Friday, May 24 - 1/2 Day of School

Wednesday, May 29 - Leadership Day! - Parents and community members will be invited to Randolph to learn about how we use the 7 Habits to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 4 - Kindergarten Round Up

Thursday, June 6 - End of Year PTA Celebration - 6-8 pm

LMC News

LMC News


To celebrate Math Month, 1st-4th graders have been coding in the LMC. I borrowed some Coding Kits from Wayne County RESA, and kids have been asking about where to get some of the coding products we've used, so here are links to the coding robots we've been using:

We have also used the online resource, which is a free coding website. All 1st-4th grade students have accounts.

BOGO Book Fair (Buy One Get One Free)

May 20th-22nd

May 20 & 21: 9:00-9:30am (students with money only) and 4:00-4:30pm

May 22: 5:30-7:30 during Art Show/Music Concert

Thanks for all of your support!

NEST Meeting

This week, all Randolph Roadrunners met with their NEST group, led by their NEST teacher. Our goal at Randolph is to help the students become leaders and successful members of our learning community, and the larger world that they are a part of. All groups focused on Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then be Understood. During this week's NEST lesson, the students learned about the idea of perspective. Having the ability to see and understand the views and feelings of other people is a critical part of working well with, and getting along with others, in countless situations.

While meeting with their NEST teachers and with their NEST groups, the students heard two stories. First, they listened to the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs. The students then listened to the alternate version, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (which is the same story told from the wolf's point of view). Following the stories the students discussed the stories and compared them to one another. They learned that the two stories, while the same, were quite different based on who was telling the story. For example, in each version the bad guys/good guys changed, as well as the problem in each version simply because of the perspective the story was told from.

The NEST groups then discussed how this is similar to some situations that can happen at school, especially when there are arguments or disagreements. It is important for the students to see the value of considering the feelings/perspectives of their peers and schoolmates when working to resolve a variety of issues.

Randolph will host Arbor Day - Friday, April 16

Randolph Elementary has been chosen to host an Arbor Day Celebration on April 26th at 2:30 and you are invited to attend! Weather permitting we will be outside on the blacktop by the parking lot. Our student leaders will be running the show and presenting in front of our mayor! The event will be recorded and shown on the Livonia Cable Channel. The city will be planting 3 new trees on our playground for us to enjoy for years to come.

Please have your child (and you!) wear green to help us celebrate trees on April 26th!

No School Tomorrow- Friday April 19

Please enjoy a nice three-day weekend, there is no school tomorrow. We look forward to seeing all our Randolph Roadrunners back on Monday, April 22.

Youth Making a Difference

Our Youth Making a Difference celebration is next week (Thursday, 4/25 - 6-8 pm)and we do not have all of the displays to go with all of the commitment forms. If you are still planning on turning in a display for your child’s project, please contact Christina Kirwan at

We would love to be able to inspire others by showing how your child gave back! This is a wonderful celebration! We cannot wait to celebrate all of the great things the students did all year!

Upcoming Dates

4/12 – Zeal Credit Union Open

4/13 – Martian Marathon

4/19 – No School – Good Friday

4/25 – YMAD Celebration

4/26 – Arbor Day / Spirit Day – wear GREEN & 50’s Dance

4/26 – 50’s Dance (pre-order wristbands only)

4/26 – Zeal Credit Union Open

5/3 – Muffins with Mom

5/3 – Zeal Credit Union Open

5/6 – 5/10 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/10 – Spirit Day – Dress like your Favorite Teacher

5/15 – PTA meeting in Learning Lab & Field Day (May 16th – rain day)

5/17 – Zeal Credit Union Open

5/22 – Art and Music Show 6-8pm

5/24 – Half Day (12:10pm dismissal)

5/24 - Spirit Day – Mismatch Day (RESCHEDULED)

5/27 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Reading Month Goal Accomplished!

Our Randolph Roadrunners accomplished their goal. They got to slime Mr. D for reading 4,003 hours in the month of March. Great job reading. Please don't forget to keep these good habits of reading everyday going all year long.

Spring Break

Have a wonderful Spring Break. Please remember there is no school next week. We look forward to seeing all our Randolph Roadrunners back on Monday, April 8.

Randolph Roadrunners Read 4003 hours!

The students accomplished their goal today! Congratulations to all our readers. Mr. D will get slimed as the students read over 4000 hours. The sliming will take place on Wednesday, April 10 at our Roadrunner Rally. Stay tuned for pictures!
Big picture

Battle of the Books

Randolph had our Battle of the Books today. The kids had a great time and competed for this fun and exciting Reading Month event. Congratulations to all our Roadrunners who participated. They should all be proud of their efforts.

Livonia Fine Arts Festival - March 29 - April 29

Please visit the Civic Center Library to see all the amazing art work that our Livonia Students created this school year. There are many Randolph students represented at the fair. This is an exciting way to celebrate all the talented artists in our schools. The following Randolph Artists will be featured:


Umar B, Dante B, Harriet S, Miles T, Emma F, Benjamin B and Lucas T

First Grade

Tess H, Arianna L, Tessa T, Gus G, Joey M, Kaydence G, and Gabby H

Second Grade

Avery D, Denise M, Lily R, and Matthew B

Third Grade

Cassandra B, Elisa T, Faith K, Kai J and Mason B

Fourth Grade

Lily R, Miranda T, Juliette S, and Elizabeth W

Congratulations to our Amazing Artists and thank you to Mrs. Moorton and Mrs. Werner for supporting our students!

Report Cards Come Home Today

Please don't forget that Report Cards come home today. Please review the Report Card with your son or daughter. This is a great time to see what areas they are doing well in and celebrate. It is also a time to set some goals for the final trimester to improve in areas that your son or daughter might need extra practice. Please make sure you communicate any questions or concerns about your student's progress to their teacher so that we can make a plan for improvement this final card marking.

No School April 1-5 - Spring Break

Week of March 25-29

Friday March 29 - Battle of the Books

- Last day to turn in Reading Hours

- Wear READ shirts!

Final Week of Reading Month

I hope you have all had a blast this reading month. The students have done an amazing job reading each night and turning in their sheets. I hope they can make their goal this final week. As of today, the boys and girls have read 2,825 hours. That leaves 1,175 hours for the final week. Please support your student to read, read, and then read some more and let's see if the students and staff of Randolph elementary get to slime Mr. D.

Randolph NEST Meetings

All Randolph Roadrunners spent some time with their NEST group this week. All groups completed the same lesson, and the focus was on Habit 4: Think Win-Win.

The students listened to the story, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This story is a great example of how everyone can win, because the Rainbow Fish hands his special sparkly scales out to all of the fish, instead of keeping them all to himself. After discussing the story, and the actions and feelings of the characters, each NEST group turned the focus on to themselves. The students were presented with several real-life scenarios, and given the chance to act-out or discuss ways in which the situation could be a win-win event. Talk to your student about ways in which your family compromises and thinks with a win-win mindset. At the conclusion of the NEST meetings, each Randolph student made a bracelet, decorated with our new school wide catch phrase "What Would Leaders Do" (WWLD). Remind your student of this phrase at home, as help them make good choices. Leaders act with integrity, and show responsibility and leadership. We can all be leaders!

New Furniture!

The Randolph staff had the opportunity to order some new flexible seating for the students. This is part of the bond work that the district is finishing up at all our buildings. Please make sure to stop up and check out our Learning Lab and our Lobby to see the new flexible work places for our learners.

Week 2 - Reading Month Update

The students are doing great. Our goal for Reading Minutes for the month of March is 4,000 and the students have read 1,597 hours as of last week. Keep reading and tracking those hours at home. Happy Reading!

February BEST Award Winners

Kim DeGiulio from Channel 4 news stopped in to read to our First Grade students. Check out the news tomorrow, Tuesday March 19 from 4:30-7 to see Randolph in the News!

Reading Month Update

The students read 603 hours in just 4 days! Wow!! I am so proud of our readers. Please keep encouraging Reading all month long and track your hours on the tracking sheets. A new sheet came home today. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, March 12

On Tuesday March 12 Randolph will have visitors from Advance Ed. This is an accreditation system that is visiting many of our Livonia Schools. School will carry on as normal but your son or daughter's class might be visited. They are watching the teaching and student engagement. Please have your son or daughter wear their READ shirt or Randolph gear on Tuesday.
Big picture

Randolph Book Fair

Thank you for a successful Fall Book Fair. The fair definitely sparked a love of reading in our kids! We will be able to purchase a lot of books and technology with the money we’ve raised.

Thanks also to the special volunteers who helped me set up, tear down, and run the fair. I appreciate the support from the entire Randolph community. It was a huge success because of you.

TOTAL SALES: $ $6,366.85

SCHOLASTIC DOLLARS PROFIT: $ $4,482.47 (includes bonuses for 2nd fair, signing up early, and attending workshops)




Upcoming Dates

March 12th - Spanish Club - pre-registration only

March 13th - PTA Meeting in Learning Lab at 6.40pm - All welcomed

March 15th - Spirit Day - Wearing O’ the Green

March 29 - Battle of the Books - Parents are welcome to enjoy us any time from 10am - 12pm for the Battle.

April 1-5 - No School - Spring Break

April 10 - PTA Meeting in the Learning Lab at 4:15pm - All welcomed

April 11 - Family Movie Night - watch for more information coming soon.

Ukuleles for the Music Program!

Mr. B and the PTA would like to thank everyone who donated to the Music Department for our Ukuleles! We were able to reach our goal of 40 ukuleles for the Music Department. They have been ordered and we cant wait to receive them soon.

March is Reading Month

On Monday we will officially kick off Reading Month! We will once again celebrate Reading Month by challenging the students to read as much as they can all month long. We will send home a packet on Monday with recording sheets. Each grade level has a goal. Please have your student turn in these sheets every Friday. I will pick a winner from each class to come down and get a prize. It will be a random draw per class. All students need to do to win is turn in their sheet on Friday. Our goal will be 4,000 hours for the month of March. If we make it I will be dino-slimed in the gym at the April Road Runner Rally.

Family Literacy Night

Monday evening we will host our Family Literacy Night. We are looking forward to a fun and engaging evening as we learn how to support our students at home, play fun games, shop at the book fair, and see an amazing magician. Please join us from 6:00-7:30 on Monday, March 4.

Week of March 4-8

Monday, March 4

  • Reading Month Kick Off - Packets come home.
  • Family Literacy Night - 6-7:30

Thursday, March 7

  • Kindergarten Information Night - 6-7 pm - If you know anyone coming into Kindergarten next year please remind them to join us here at Randolph for Kindergarten Information Night. There will be a short presentation and time to register and answer questions about Kindergarten in Livonia Public Schools.

Friday, March 8

  • 1/2 Day of School

100th Day Fun!

NEST Meetings

This week, all Randolph Roadrunners had the chance to get together with their NEST group. Our lesson focused on Habit 3- Put First Thinks First. In other words....Work First, Then Play! The idea behind this habit is to prioritize your time and make sure you complete what you must, before you do what you want.

During their NEST meeting, all students listened to the story "Clean Up Your Room, Harvey Moon". The story is about Harvey who spends all day avoiding cleaning his room & shoving things into piles.. at the end of the story he realizes he's missed all of his favorite TV shows and his mom tells him he still has to finish cleaning. After the story, each group talked about what Harvey could have done differently and how his day would be different if he had gotten to work right away.

Together with their NEST teacher, the students then brainstormed some things they need to "put first", both at school and at home. Each group then shared ideas of what they like to do after they're done with their work. All of this work was listed on a group chart. Each student was then given a similar chart to be completed in their group, or at home. Take a few minutes to go over this paper with your child, and see if you can add some ideas to it.

March is Reading Month!

We will officially kick off Reading Month on Monday, March 4. On March 4 the students will bring home a letter with a calendar of events and a tracking sheet. These tracking sheets should be turned in every Friday to see if the students can accomplish our goal. Please make reading month a fun experience at your home. Enjoy some good books! Each week I will also send out some tips and ideas from our Reading teachers to help you at home. Look for these in the Peek at the Week all month long.

Mark your calendars for the evening of Monday, March 4. From 6-8 we will have a fun event here at school where the kids can take part in Book Bingo and see an amazing magician. The book fair will be open and there will be informational sessions for parents to learn strategies for increasing reading at home.

100th Day!

The 100th day of school will be on Thursday, February 21st! To celebrate as a school, we would like encourage students to dress up like they are 100 years old. This has always been a fun tradition for both staff and students. Some suggestions include gray hair (wig), eye glasses, tie, suspenders, pearl necklace, bathrobe, hair curlers, etc. Please do not go out and buy anything special, this is completely optional. We may have outdoor recess so please dress for the weather! Thank you, Randolph Staff

What's Happening at Randolph

Monday, February 18 - No School - Mid Winter Break

Wednesday, February 20 - NEST Meetings

Thursday, February 21 - 100th Day!

Wednesday, February 27 - 1/2 day of school

Friday, March 1 - NAEP testing - Fourth Grade

Monday, March 4 - Reading Month Kick off and Literacy Night (6-8 pm) for families!

February is Kindness Month

Today we had our Roadrunner Rally and our focus for February is Kindness. We reviewed our goal for January and several classes will be having a special lunch next week because they made their goal. In February the staff will be watching for students being kind. Teachers will be passing out Kindness coupons and students will be signing our big board in the lobby when they earn a ticket. We hope that every Randolph Roadrunner gets to sign the board as we spread Kindness throughout the school.

News from Mrs. Werner in the Art Room

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books contestants will be notified next week. We will begin practice the week of February 18 leading to our Battle on March 29. I want to thank all the students who signed up to be a part of this years Battle of the Books. This is an exciting event designed to promote a love of reading and have a little fun competing at the end of March. Stay tuned to find out coaches and practice days next week.

Week of February 11-15

Wednesday, February 13

  • PTA Meeting - 12:10 - Learning Lab
  • PTA Founder's Day - 6-8 pm

Friday, February 15 - Sweetheart Dance - 6-8 pm

Future Dates:

  • Monday, February 18 - No School - Mid Winter Break
  • February 27 - 1/2 Day - Teacher Professional Development in the afternoon
  • Friday March 1 - March is Reading Month
- Ready, Set, Read - 8-9 am Come up to the school to read with your son or daughter before school.
-Fourth Grade NAEP testing
-Spirit Day - Wear your READ shirts

Lunch Monitors Needed

Do you have an interest in making a little money and helping out Randolph Elementary? We are currently in need of multiple noon monitors. The job consist of supervising students outside from 12-1 and supporting Kindergarten while they eat from 1-1:30. This job pays an hour and a half a day and is a great way to get to know all the students and help keep our playgrounds safe and orderly. Please contact Mrs. Coyne or Mr. D in the office if you are interested.

Crossing Guards Needed

The City of Livonia is looking to hire a couple of substitute crossing guards. If you, or someone you know, may be interested, please reach out to Officer Rebant with the Livonia Police Dept Traffic Bureau. The contact number is (734) 466-2683. If there is no answer, please leave your contact info and a return call will be made. Thank you!

S/PO Shane Rebant
Livonia Police Department

Traffic Safety Bureau

Visit us on:


Twitter: | Nixle:

Week of January 21-25

Monday January 21 - No School - Martin Luther King Day

Wednesday, January 23 - NEST Meeting

Friday, January 25 - Salsa orders due

Spread the Love!

Happy Holidays

From all of us here at Randolph we wish our families and students a wonderful holiday break. We will be off school until January 7. Have a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing everyone back on January 7, 2019!

Week of January 7-11

Monday, January 7 - Welcome back to school!

  • This week we will have our first School Improvement Assessment. It will consist of the students reading an article, taking notes, and writing an informational piece. This is something we have been working on and will let our teachers know what we need to teach to meet the goals we set for school improvement. This assessment will be given in grades K-4.

Wednesday, January 9

  • Roadrunner Rally - We will honor our students who are doing their BEST at Randolph. We will also take a look at how we are doing as we work towards our School Wide Goals.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • January 16 - PTA Meeting - 6:30 pm
  • January 17 - Family Movie Night
  • January 21 - No School - Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • January 30 - Zoo Presentation - Whole School Assembly

Happy Holidays

To everyone in our Randolph Community we wish you a Happy Holiday! Please remember we will be off school for Holiday Break from December 24-January 4. We will welcome our Randolph roadrunners back on Monday, January 7. Have a wonderful break and enjoy the time with your loved ones. We appreciate your continued support and thank you for sharing you children with us each day.

Yearbooks now on sale!

Yearbooks are now on sale.

Code: 1767819

Due Date: TBD

Randolph BEST Award Winners

Week of December 17-21

Monday, December 17

  • Polar Express Night - 6-8 pm - Gym - Please join us for this special holiday event provided by the Randolph PTA.

Tuesday, December 18

Wednesday, December 19

Thursday, December 20

Friday, December 21

  • Holiday Sing-a-long - 10:30

Pick up at the end of the day

With the weather getting colder we will begin walking students in grades 1 and 2 to the front pick up line to support parents with little ones so they don't have to wait in the cold. We will dismiss out our same doors and then after a couple minutes a teacher will walk any students who do not immediately see their parents to the pick up line. Please feel free to wait in the pick up line and we will walk your students to you. We want to try this in order to help those with little ones so they don't have to be out in the cold. We will watch and see how it goes and keep you updated if there are any changes.

Week of December 10-14

Wednesday December 12

  • Road Runner Rally - This week we will have our next Roadrunner Rally. We will take a look at how we did on our school goals. Last month we focused on hallway behavior. Students demonstrated appropriate hallway behavior 70% of the time. Our goal was 80%. We will continue working on this next month and add a goal to improve lunchroom behavior. Each month when we accomplish our goal we will have a celebration. Unfortunately we can't celebrate our November goal but we look forward to meeting our goal in December. We will also recognize our next round of students doing their BEST at Randolph. All students doing their BEST will be recognized. They will receive a certificate and a water bottle for their efforts. Be sure to make a big deal about this at home because teachers are only picking students who are living the Randolph mission and doing their BEST everyday.
  • PTA Meeting - 12:10-1:00 - Learning Lab - Please join us if you are available at lunch for a special lunch PTA meeting. Hear what is happening with the Randolph PTA and share your ideas.

NEST Meeting

Last week, all Roadrunners spent some time in their NEST group to complete some important work. As a community, we are focused on creating a school mission statement and we want the students to be involved in that process. After hearing three potential school mission statements, each student was asked to choose the one he/she felt best clarifies the purpose of our school. The results of this school wide vote will be revealed by Mr. D and the winning mission statement will become our focus as we move forward this year. Each NEST group also spent some time on the idea of a school "handshake". Stay tuned for that one! Our final focus in NEST this month was on Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind. The students heard the book A House for Hermit Crab and discussed how the crab made a plan to stay safe in his shell. Ask your student about a time he/she created a plan in order to achieve a goal. Perhaps you could work together to make a plan for a reaching a goal as a family. Your student can even show you the hand motions for Habit 2...try it all together!

Week of November 19-23

November 21 - November 25 - No School - Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

On the Horizon:

  • Monday, November 26 - Katie Emert will be recognized at the School Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, November 28 - NEST Meeting
  • Thursday, November 29 - Marking Period Ends
  • Friday, November 30 - Work Day - No School
  • December 3-7 - PTA Holiday Shop
  • Friday, December 7 - Report Cards go home
  • Monday, December 10 - Spirit Day - Wear your Randolph Spirit Wear

News from the Randolph Art Room

Art-i-facts and Artsy News

Hi all! It’s Ms. Werner from the Art room. I just wanted to share what we’ve been up to in the art room! So far this year we have painted paper, made special self portraits, an autumn collage or painting and most recently a special ceramic item. YIPPEE! Some children also did some 3D pumpkins, leaf rubbings nad beaded indian corn which decorated the board office last month! Beautiful!! In ceramics, children made ( K-center) pumpkins, ( 1st) cats, ( 2nd) mummies, (3rd) ghosts and (4th) witch hats. These items are cooling from the second firing and will be arriving home next week on your child’s art day. Soooooo, check that backpack! Next, children are working on an artist notebook. Artists draw and record new learning too. Writing and drawing are important skills to develop so we are incorporating this into our activities in the art room this year. Then, children will be learning about how art has been something people have been creating since the stone age! Students will be working on a piece from the stone age, Egyptian, Greek/Roman eras or the middle ages depending on your child's age or grade. Should be very interesting! Art from history!

More Stuff

Remember that we will be getting messy in art class ( YES!) so please do send in an old t-shirt for your kiddo to slip on over their clothes on art day. I LOOOOOVE helpers, volunteers, extra hands and all of that in the art room. Please consider helping out on your child’s art class day if you can. The art show will be ….DRUM ROLL PLEASE, Wednesday, May 22nd. I would REALLY appreciate having a team of volunteers to help me set up Tuesday, May 21st.

Please email me at and let me know if you’d be available to assist me during the day on May 22nd. It’s going to be a Spring Fling and EPIC! Thanks Everyone and I hope to see some of you soon!

Mrs. Werner started a Pottery Club to give students an opportunity to work with clay and express their creativity. Check out these excited students!

Big picture

Congratulations to Mrs. Emert! Livonia Public Schools Educator of the Year 2018-19

This week at our Roadrunner Rally we announced that Mrs. Emert was chosen as the Educator of the year for Livonia Public Schools. This is a tremendous honor given to one teacher each year who goes above and beyond in all that they do. We could not be more proud of Mrs. Emert for giving her all in everything she does to support her learners and Randolph Elementary.
Big picture

Randolph PTA Sock Hop Dance Date Change

The PTA Sock Hop Dance that was originally scheduled for next week will be moved to April 26. Please make this change in your calendar and thank you for understanding. There will be no dance next week and we look forward to an excellent event in April.

PTA Meeting - Wednesday, November 12 at 4:15 pm in the Learning Lab

MOD Pizza Night - Thursday, November 15 - Please join the Randolph Staff from 4:00-8:00 as they serve up pizza at this fun fundraiser!

Week of November 12-16

Monday, November 12

Tuesday, November 13

Wednesday, November 14

  • PTA Meeting - 4:15

Thursday, November 15

  • MOD Pizza Night - 4-8

Friday, November 16

Week of November 5-9

Monday, November 5

Tuesday, November 6

  • No School - Professional Development Day for teachers
  • Make sure to Vote today!

Wednesday, November 7

  • Roadrunner Rally - 9:15-9:45 - At our Roadrunner Rally we will recognize students who are doing their BEST in school. BEST is an acronym we talk about here at Randolph that stands for B - Be safe, E - Expect Responsible Behavior, S - Show respect, and T - Teamwork. We will recognize several students at each grade level who are doing their BEST. If your son or daughter comes home with a certificate and a water bottle make a big deal about it at home. It means that the Randolph staff has witnessed them doing their BEST at school all month long.

Thursday, November 8

Friday, November 9

Head Lice

We have received several questions in the office about head lice at school. There are occasions when students have head lice and come to school. When a case is identified, the Randolph staff checks the heads of infected students before they can return to the classroom. In classrooms where more than one case is identified, we will perform a class check to determine if there are any other cases in the classroom. The Randolph staff will check heads and notify parents if there is a problem. A letter does go home in any classroom where 2 or more cases are identified. These rooms are also immediately vacuumed and bagged before students can return. We do everything in our power to prevent the spread of lice in school. Thanks for your continued support and please let our office know if you have a case in the home. The following letter gives more information on the identification and treatment of head lice in the home.

MSU vs. U of M

We had a great spirit day today as our students wore their colors. Lot's of U of M fans and MSU fans flooded the halls of Randolph. Mr. D owned up to his promise to wear Blue and Gold and die his hair since the students raised over $15,000 for the PTA at this years Walk-a-thon. Great job Randolph students and families. Go Green!

Week of October 22-26

Friday, October 26 - Please join us for the PTA Fall Festival. The event will run from 6-8. Lot's of games, candy, and much more!!

Parent Teacher Conferences

We want to thank all of our Randolph families for joining us for Parent Teacher Conferences this year. We love having these conferences early in the year so we can all be on the same page with the education of your student. Parents and Teachers need to be a team in this process and Conferences are the first step. Please stay in touch with your son or daughter's teacher throughout the year to make sure they accomplish all their goals this school year.

Week of October 15-19

Monday, October 15

  • Picture Day - Please make sure you send in your picture envelopes or visit online this weekend using code: LM748224Y0 to order your pictures.

Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday October 18

  • Half Days of School
  • Parent Teacher Conferences 1-4 pm and 5-8 pm

Friday, October 19

  • Spirit Day - Wear your MSU or U of M gear in celebration of the big game on Saturday.
  • Mr. D will be wearing U of M gear thanks to the students tremendous support of the Walk-a-thon. (If you don't know, this will be extremely challenging as I am the BIGGEST MSU FAN EVER!)

NEST Meetings

This week all Randolph students spent some time in their NEST group to learn about Habit 1- Be Proactive. Their NEST teacher shared the story Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and together the students talked about Alexander's reaction to the things that were happening throughout his day. Ask your student if he/she can think of a way that Alexander could have reacted better (or worse) to something that happened? The students then participated in a demonstration about the difference between being proactive vs reactive. Let's just say that it involved a bottle of water, a bottle of pop, and a lot of shaking! You can imagine that this activity got their attention! You can reenact this experiment at home, and talk as a family about how being proactive is a more productive route to take. Remind your students that they are in charge of their actions, attitude, and mood and they should not let outside factors/situations cause them to have a negative reaction (like the pop being shaken). Staying in control, positive, and calm is better choice (like the water being shaken).


Are you familiar with the third grade-reading bill? This is sometimes referred to as Public Act 306 or House Bill No. 4822. At parent-teacher conferences, you will receive a copy of your child's fall assessment results. The focus of parent-teacher conferences won't be on the report card, which comes home in December, but rather your child's current progress academically and socially. To address this fall data, every classroom will have a designated period of each day devoted to providing additional supports to struggling learners and enrichment/extension activities for children who are scoring at or above grade level on their assessments. We will also count on you for a home plan to help your child be successful with their grade level expectations. This Third Grade Reading link contains many informational documents from Wayne County RESA, which highlights the third grade-reading bill and the importance of early literacy. Thank you for being an active partner in your child's education.

Randolph Walk-a-thon

Our Randolph Staff, students and families did an amazing job at today's Walk-a-thon! We had fun walking and running around the school to raise money for the Randolph PTA. The students raised over $14,500 dollars as of this morning so you will all see Mr. D in Michigan Gear and dyeing his hair blue on Friday, October 19. We also had a some special guests join us as Speedy and Paws joined in the fun. Thanks again for all your efforts to support the Randolph PTA.

Week of October 8-12

Wednesday, October 10

  • We will have our next NEST meeting on Wednesday. These are our cross grade level groups where we learn about the 7 Habits and the new Randolph Behavior Matrix. These lessons take place at 9:15 am during the school day. Make sure to ask your son or daughter what they learned at NEST this week.
  • Leader in Me - Painting Night - From 5-6:30, before the PTA meeting, the Randolph staff will be adding a splash of color to our hallways. We will be painting walls in fun colors and prepping them for inspirational quotes around the building. This event is open to all families. If you want to come up and help out please join us. These events are designed to get the students involved in the process of making our school look great. We will have all the materials so simply stop by if you want to help. Then feel free to stay for our PTA meeting beginning at 6:30.
  • PTA Meeting - 6:30 in the Learning Lab - Babysitting is available.

Thursday, October 11

  • PTA Movie Night - 6-8 pm - Randolph Gym - Please come join the PTA to watch Hotel Transylvania 3. Bring a blanket to sit on and snacks are available for purchase through the Randolph PTA.

Friday, October 12
  • First Day for Credit Union Deposits! Please bring in your deposits and students will have an opportunity to head down at lunch and make their deposits.

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

Please make sure to sign up for a Parent Teacher Conference. Conferences will be held the afternoons and evenings of October 17 and 18.


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Picture Day is October 15

Randolph Elementary School
Picture Day ID: LM748224Y0
Picture Day is: Monday, October 15

Week of October 1-5

Hearing Screening will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Grades K, 1, 2, and 4 will be screened this year. You will receive a letter home if there are any concerns found. This screening is provided by Wayne County.

Friday October 5 we will have our Walk-a-thon. This will be a fun event in which the Randolph students will get outside and walk on a designated track. Please do what you can to collect pledges for our walk. All money raised goes to the Randolph PTA who in turn purchases items for the classrooms and puts on fun events for the students all year long. Our goal is $14,000. If we meet this goal you will see me outside in blue and gold with Blue Hair to celebrate the children's accomplishment one day the following week.

Week of September 24-28


We are entering week 4 next week. The students are doing an amazing job learning the routines and our staff completed our first round of assessments with the children. Data collection is ongoing as we make sure that we are meeting the needs of our students academically. The next step is getting students into intervention groups and providing support. You will receive notification if your son or daughter is receiving intervention this year.

Spirit Day

On Friday this week we will have our first Spirit Day. Our Spirit Day is wear your favorite sports team gear. I look forward to seeing all that Green and White next Friday.

PTA Walk-a-thon

Please don't forget to collect pledges for the Walk-a-thon. We will have our Walk-a-thon on Friday, October 5. The PTA uses all the money raised to support our students in the classroom through boosk, magazines, and field trips as well as all the fun activity nights throughout the year. Please do what you can to support our amazing PTA.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are October 17 and 18. We will send out digital sign up sheets next week. Please chose a time that works for your family and join us to discuss your son or daughter's progress and make a plan for a successful school year.

NEST Meetings

Wednesday we had our first NEST meetings. These are cross grade level meetings where every Randolph student is assigned to a teacher other than their own. The NEST teams meet twice a month to learn about the 7 Habits, the Livonia Character Traits, and our new Randolph Expectations. This week we did team building in our meetings and we will learn about Being Safe by being Proactive and Beginning with the End in Mind later this month. The following pictures show some of the NEST activities this week.

Week of September 17-21

NEST Meetings

This week we will have our first NEST meetings.

Curriculum Night - Tuesday, September 11

Please join us Tuesday for Curriculum Night. This is an important aspect of the educational process. Teachers will give 30-45 minute presentations on classroom procedures, grade level expectations, curriculum being taught, and much more. This is an opportunity for parents to touch base with the teacher and get on the same page to support every Randolph learner.

K - 5-6:15 - Opens with a presentation in the gym by the Livonia Foundation and then moves to the classrooms for Curriculum Presentations.

1,2, Slack, and Thompson - 5:30-6:15 pm

3,4, and Krohn - 6:30-7:15 pm

Meet the New Randolph Staff

Week of September 10-14

Monday 9/10

  • Watch Dog Kickoff - 6 pm - gym - This is an opportunity for all our Randolph fathers to come and hear about a wonderful program called Watch Dogs. This program gets dads involved here at Randolph. Fathers can even sign up to volunteer tonight at the event.

Tuesday 9/11

  • Curriculum Night - See times above.

Wednesday 9/12

  • PTA Meeting - 6:30 pm - Learning Lab - Childcare available

Thursday 9/13

Friday 9/14

  • Special Lunch with Mr. D for Kindergartners who turned in their summer writing journals.

Randolph Expectations

The Randolph Staff wrote and created expectation posters to teach our students how to do their BEST in all areas of our school. These are reviewed daily and will guide our students to be the BEST they can be. We will use the acronym BEST to teach the kids these expectations.

B-Be Safe

E-Expect Responsible Behavior

S-Show Respect


Big picture