Creekland Media Center

January 2016 News and Events

STEM and the Public Library

Join us on Monday, February 1 at 5:30 PM at the Collins Hill Public Library for an evening of STEM activities. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and you'll be able to experience all 4 disciplines with interactive, hands-on activities for the whole family. The event is free, and open to all Creekland faculty and students.

Database Spotlight - Britannica ImageQuest

With Britannica ImageQuest, you can guide your students to hundreds of thousands of pictures that are appropriate with credible facts listed with each. There is an easy slider to enlarge or shrink the size of all of the thumbnails. You can click on an image for more information about the image. Also, from the picture quickview, a student can cite the information, print, download or email the information about the picture. You can also select multiple images, then drag and drop them into the "My Images" section of the screen for later access. This is a user friendly and credible resource for all grade levels.

Because I can't read just one:


During the first week of January I was honored to work with Mrs. Boyle, Ms. Card, Dr. DeMent, Mrs. Dugger, Mr. Hadden, Mrs. Love and Ms. Krohnert on various instructional activities and lessons ranging from differentiated lesson planning, to reading selections, to research lessons, to brainstorming a topic for a graduate school class. Do you have an idea for a lesson, or need someone to talk with? Come see me and I'll be glad to collaborate with you, too.