Water Pollution

What Water Does to our earth........


Water pollution is one of the worst causes of the worlds destruction. Water is used for lots of things in lif like farming,drinking and to be healthy. So we need water!!!!!!!!


Water pollution can have adverse affects on the ecosystem and human beings. Also, diarrhea is by far the most serious threats to human health and accounted for over 2.2 million deaths in 1988, most of which would have been avoided if clean water and sanitation factories have been available. It is in ethopia. Around 14,000 people are suffering from waterbone dieses everyday.


Scientis believe that the earth is getting warmer, due to polluted water, and since it is, the ice is melting and polar bears are dying. If we pollute all the water in the world we will die of thirst. We will also live all our lives being dirty and unsanitary because we wouldn't bathe in nice clean water.


We can change the world by not littering. School and volunteers can help clean the earth we can change the world by not using as much water then we do a day.

Call to Action

Water pollution is a big problem, but we can all solve it together. We can clean up and recycle in our areas. If we all believe that we can change the world, then, whatever you set your mind to it will soon come true. Water pollution is killing the earth and if we don’t do something about it something really bad could happen.
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