The Holocaust

A sad day in history and a terrifying day.

The beginning

The beginning of the Holocaust started when president Hindenburg appoints Hitler Chancellor of Germany. SS opens the Dachau concentration camp outside of Munich. From there on The Holocaust began.

Hitler and why he started the Holocaust

Hitler as you can know was a very bad know but I know you didn't know that Hitler's staff secretly made films for him of torture and execution of political prisinors. Hitler started the Holocaust because he wanted to kill the Jews because of the economic crisis that Germany was suffering. He targeted the Jews because it was the main enemy for Germany.

Some picture during the Holocaust

I feel ready bad for the children during the Holocaust

The ending

The ending of the Holocaust was a happy day when the Americans found out. The ending was on 1945 in April. Then at that time Hitler was dead and the Soviets liberated the biggest camp in the Nazi Territory. It was called the Aushwitz.

The Holocaust shortened