The American Revelushion

Byron Fuhrman

The Declaration of independence

This is an inportent document to the americans that sead that we are our own government.

It lets us people have there we own rights that they want/need to have for a proper government. also that it lets people abolish that law and or to let/make laws for our government. That the people can have our own part from the so called "great Britain", with overpriced taxes and the devilish "stamp act", that we couldn't participate in!!!


That ration had to pay a debt so then the king thought of the great idea of taxing the Americans. Soon after that the Parliament also thought that the tax would be good too. Soon the American goods for paper products. After that when the Americans realized about the stamp act they said this,

"No more taxation without representation!"

The Bostion Massacre (USA)

a group of workers in Boston where arguing with a British soldier by throwing snowballs wand whale doing that they where yelling insults. Soon after that more British soldiers heard and arrived at the place. After that more colonists arrived. Soon there was gunfire! It was from the BRITISH SOLDIERS! They where shooting at the colonists. 5 of them died in gun fire which one of the people was Crispus Attucks.

The Bostion Massacre (British)

That the colonists are attacking and insulting us and our soldier. YES more soldiers are coming to the colonists for our soldier. NO! more colonists are coming to our own soldiers. What will they do? Make a republican to us? *sies*. What are the solders doing *faint gun gangs* did they kill some of the colonists *kind of faint gun gangs* they just killed 5 colonists.