Alex The Lion

Hey, guys

Things about me

Hi, i like to laugh and have fun.I play video games such as payday 2, cod and battlefield. I was named after Alex The Lion. I like food and i also like to sleep. I can be crazy, and I also have a dog named Maya and she is a golden retriever, and I also hate Math :}


I have many friends such as Garrett, Ethan,Patrick,Connor and a friend named Joeri from the Netherlands. I like them cuz they stick up for me when i need it the most.

What i am scared of

I get scared of spiders and things that eat or can eat people, I dont like to be left alone for along period of time cuz it scares me. I used to be afraid of the dark, and any kind of storms.

I refer myself of George Bailey.

I call myself that cuz i am the travelerof the family, ive been to Tanzania, Spain, and Germany.I love to travel because i want to learn more about the world and explore the other countries on the map.