Work on Writing Station

My Summer Vacation Plans

First Grade Teachers' Office Hours

Should you need any help during this eLearning Day, you will be able to contact us at school during the Open Lab days that have been scheduled.

Mrs. Martin Mon., 2:45-5:30, Thurs., 2:45-4:00

Mrs. Shew Thurs., 3:00-5:30, Sat., 7:45-9:15

Mrs. Edington Mon., 2:45-5:00, Sat., 9:00-10:45

Lesson Objectives

Students will write multiple complete sentences expressing their summer vacation plans.

Time (Approximately 18 minutes)


Mrs. Martin likes to make plans for her summer vacation. Making these plans lets me have something to look forward to during the summer months. It's okay to not have plans EVERY day, but that would get boring after awhile!

Summer Writing Station


For this station, I have provided a paper for you to write how you plan to spend your summer vacation. You will find this paper in your First Grade eLearning Day packet.

As you write, remember to write complete sentences. A complete sentence has:

a noun (subject),

a verb (predicate),

makes complete sense,

a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence,

an ending mark (. ! ?).

If you don't know how to spell a word, do the following:

1. Sound the word out.

2. Write the letter sounds you hear.

3. Circle the word so the teacher knows you need help with this word.

4. Ask your parents for help with spelling words if needed.

Return your writing to your eLearning Day packet. You will share your writing with your classmates at school.


Independent writing "My Summer Vacation Plans".


Your classmates and teacher will listen to your writing, share what they liked and what you might change in your next writing.


To improve your writing skills for next year, try writing in a journal over the summer. Write about your day, a special trip, a visit to a relative, time with your friends or your family, or just about how you are feeling during the day.

You can also read books on myON book website by searching under "Writing". There are some great books on punctuation, grammar, and different kinds of writing.

Play one of the games listed below on the computer, or the Sentence Builder app on the iPad.

Extension App--Sentence Builder

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