Tech Tuesday--March 25th

Put the Form in your Formative Assessments--Google Forms

Google Forms in Education

Google Forms is one of the free services Google provides for its users. Using Google Forms, you can very easily and without the need for any advanced technology knowledge create all kinds of forms to use with your students from contact forms to quizzes and polls. All results are then automatically recorded into a Google Spreadsheet. Join me and see how easy forms are to create and use!

Google Forms can be used to:

  • plan events
  • send surveys
  • give students a quiz
  • collect information

Morning Session

Tuesday, March 25th, 7am

Cozad Elementary School-Computer Lab

Morning session will be held at the Elementary in the computer lab. Staff can bring their computer or use one of the computers in the lab.

Afternoon Session

Tuesday, March 25th, 3:30pm

Cozad High School--Library

Cozad, NE

Afternoon session (repeat of morning session) will be held in the computer lab at the High School (room 123). Staff can bring their laptop or use one of the computers in the lab.
Google Forms: Creating Formative Assessments