Ethan M.

Early Life

F.D.R was a hard working young man during his early life.Roosevelt was born in Hyde park , New York in 1882.He grew up as the only child in a wealthy family.At age 14 he went a boarding school.At the last year of boarding school he noticed he wonted to help other people.He became a diligent young man.

Personal Challenges

F.D.R was doing very well until he had a big challenge to go throe.He started to have polio.(polio is a bad dezes where you can not move your wast or lower)He struggled with polio so he started to go to worm springs because the doctor said warm water would help with the polio. He started to go there more often. He loved it there so much he made a house there. F.D.R never gave up his dreams even though he had polio.


Roosevelt helped millions of people. In 1932 Roosevelt was the 32nd president. Roosevelt served as president from 1933-1945. The New Deal helped people get their jobs like building roads and builders. The New Deal helped millions of people. He was an amazing person.