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3-4 May 2016, WDHS Learning and Development Centre

Learn the art of influence and build highly effective relationships

Operating from a style of congruence to our values and beliefs is not only attractive, but imperative to building trust and credibility with others. And for leaders - both formal and informal - the ability to influence others effectively in order to achieve desirable outcomes, is imperative.

This workshop will help you discover your natural influencing style and show you how to capitalise on your strengths, but also develop parts of your style that don't come natural, for greater personal effectiveness.

In this workshop will learn to:

  • Understand different communication and behavioural styles
  • Identify your own style and learn to capitalise on their strengths
  • Discover how you are perceived by others and how this affects your ability to lead effectively
  • Learn how to identify others' styles and adapt your own style for improved communication
  • Develop a personal action plan for developing your ability to positively influence others

Receive your personal 25-page Advanced DISC profile valued at $375

Included in the registration is your own 25-page personalised Advanced DISC profile outlining:

  • Your communication preferences and job-specific behavioural style
  • Analysis of your instinctive workplace adpated behaviours
  • Self-perceptions and how others may perceive you under stress
  • Your ideal working environment and ways to improve your current environment
  • Hidden motivators that affect your day-to-day communication at work
  • Others' behavioural styles and how to identify and communicate more effectively with them
  • Suggestions for others - managers, staff and peers - to communicate effectively with you
  • Keys to managing yourself and others
  • Performance enhancement action plan

Who should attend

This workshop will benefit anyone keen on building better working relationships by developing a deeper understanding of their own and others' communication and behavioural styles.

Managers and front-line supervisors, in particular, will benefit from participating.

Registration for this truly transformational workshop is $775 (ex GST).

Included in this are:

  • Full day workshop
  • Your own 25-page personalised Advanced DISC profile worth $375
  • High quality course materials and workbook
  • Lunch and refreshments

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About Cindy

This workshop is presented by Cindy Turner, experienced Executive Coach and CEO of Coach Central.

WDHS Learning and Development Centre

This workshop is hosted by Western District Health Service, one of Victoria's leading and innovative rural and regional health services. Our commitment to 'Excellence in Healthcare' means that we invest significantly in the development of our staff, both clinical and non-clinical. The 'tyranny of distance' makes continuing professional development expensive and time consuming for regional professionals, and by hosting these workshops, WDHS is leading the way to make high quality, relevant training available to Western and South-Western Victoria at competitive rates. Workshops are run on a not-for-profit basis and all proceeds go towards the cost of the current workshop or to subsidising other events in the series. We thank you for your support!