Media Center Minutes

Here's what's happening in the Media Center

Thank you!

The SLMCs appreciate Ms. Holston, Ms. Hooper, Mr. Smith, Ms. Bugica, Ms. Andreoli, Mr. Rotundra, Ms. Mayfield, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Hanson, Ms. Carmendy, Mr. Gregg, Ms. Braddock, Ms. Bustle, Ms. Montero, Ms. Agar, Ms. Frasure, Mr. Bock, Mr. Simpson, Ms. Akelman, Ms. Carpenter, and Ms. DeJesus for bringing a class to the media center and/or collaborating with Ms. Brawley or Ms. Stutts. Please let us know how we can help you! Email us or see our calendar for available times and dates.

Senior Days

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MHS readies our students for their College, Career, or Military Future!

Many seniors visited the Media Center to participate in Senior Days, and the PAC did a great job organizing the event! The PAC along with Mr. Rotundra, Ms. Royal, Ms. Mical, Ms. Morris, Mr. Landis, Ms. Beaty, Ms. Blocker, and parent/community volunteers helped students with college applications, financial aid, career searches, scholarships, and residency information.

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Women's History Wax Museum

Ms. Andreoli's students used the Media Center to research famous women throughout history and host a wax museum. Kyilah (above) is a great Billie Holiday! The participants did an excellent job sharing the information they uncovered during their time in the Media Center!

Breakout EDU

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The Media Center and Math 1

Cross-Curricular Collaboration: Ms. Carmendy's Math 1 students participated in a Breakout EDU session in the library. They met objectives and solved math problems while learning how to use the Dewey Decimal System. Breakout EDU sessions can work in any curriculum. We'd love to help other teachers create a similar lesson!

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MHS and MPL partner to provide with a MAaC (Mooresville All Access Cards)

MGSD has partnered with the public library to provide even more free resources to our students. Through a MAaC, students can use their Student ID to access all digital and print resources offered by the public library.

Here's what teachers need to know:

1. Students will only need to remember their student ID number.

2. Teachers will need a MPL library card and your SLMCs can help you get one.

3. The MPL site links students to TONS of new digital resources. Check out this link for a list of online resources and this link to a featured resource, NC Live.

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