Principal's Bulletin

Edition 2 9.4.15

Staff Meeting

Great Meeting on Wednesday, and I believe our new path for Nest is a terrific opportunity for all of us to GROW! I would like to purchase one of two books for each of us to read during our Nest time. Either: The Book Whisperer or Reading in the Wild if you have read the Book Whisperer. Email Tammis or stop in the office to sign up for a book. Order will go out next Friday.

Nest will begin Tuesday, Sept 8. Students will report to their 1st period class and both teacher and students need to read for 30 min. Teachers must take roll in Aeries every day Nest takes place. For the first 2 weeks, let’s keep all students in their 1st period class then look to hold interventions starting Sept 21st. This gives us enough time to put a good system in place, and time for you to know your students.

Wednesday Leadership Meeting

2:00 to 2:40 pm in the upstairs conference room.

Teacher Meeting for your Formal Observation

I will provide a packet of information in the boxes of those who are up for a formal evaluation this year.

Teachers who need observation will meet in Room 1-102 at 2:45 to have you highlight your goals. As a precursor, think of the five goals your team is working on - Reading, Writing, Math/Science, Communication and Safety.

Staff To Do

Read through Annual Notice

Watch and pass PSA Video

Fill out Emergency Cards

Familiarize yourself with Safety Procedures

Send Mike a copy of your syllabus

Sign the Consent Sheet on Tammis' counter

Check to make sure you have access to Orchard Hills Haiku Page (See PDFs and Links in Tammis' Tidbits)

Warm Body Count

The Warm Body Count has been going well. Thank you for your patience and your accuracy to our number of students.

Sub Notebook

Each teacher will receive in their box a notebook with tab dividers. Please complete the tabs with the following:

Lesson Plans

Seating Chart


Emergency Procedures

Other Information

Please indicate on the outside of the binder that this is a sub book. Please make sure to keep this notebook on your desk at all times, so when a sub comes into your classroom they can have a great day with your students. Please let Tammis if you have any questions.

Makeup Picture Day

Makeup Picture Day will be on Friday, September 11 from 8:00 - noon in the Multi. Everyone MUST have their picture taken and wear their IDs at all times while on campus.

Upcoming Events

Orchard Hills

Upcoming Events

September 7 – September 11, 2015

September 7



September 8


Outdoor Ed/Mixed Bag Assembly @ 1:35 @ Multi

After School Detention @ 2:45 @ Room 5-212

September 9


Early Release

College Wear

Rita’s Ice @ 1:00 @ Front of School

Leadership Meeting @ 2:00 @ Upstairs Conference Room

Basketball @ 1:30 @ Outside Courts

Chess @ 1:30 @ Lunch Tables

Drama @ 1:30 @ Drama/Multi

PTO Meeting @ 7:00 @ Room 1-102

September 10


After School Detention @ 2:45 @ Room 5-212

Homework Club @ 2:45 @ Room 5-201

September 11


Turn in Attendance to Jackie

Spirit Wear

Make Up Pictures @ 8:00 @ Multi (only until noon)


Toscano, Saul 09/10/15

Huynh, Mai 09/20/15

Remember Late Start Days

October 7

December 2

February 17

iPad Rollout

iPads will be distributed during the following days:

8th Grade - September 14

7th Grade - September 15

6th Grade - September 16

5th Grade - September 17


We are working as diligently and quickly as possible to balance classes as new students continue to enroll in Orchard Hills. Math adjustments due to last week's assessments may result in schedules being changed.