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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Everyone knows about the earths depleating ozone layers, but are humans causing it all?

Are Humans Destroying the Planet?

All humans live on planet Earth, and have adapted to the life support systems, but are they depleating them? Carbon dioxide levels are at an all time high this year, mostly caused by cars. In the past 40 years the world has lost over fifty percent of its animals. There is a huge difference of what we are losing on earth versus what we are gaining on earth because of all of our depleating life sources.

Can the Ozone Layer Survive in the Future?

The ozone layer is slowly depleating because of the high levels of carbon dioxide. With the ozone depleating it allows more excess ultraviolet B rays in. Ultraviolet B rays cause skin cancer and kill single cell organisms which are important to smaller animals. One atom, a single atom can destroy more than a hundred thousand ozone particles. Humans are slowly depleating the ozone layer.

Are We Endangering Animals?

Poachers are one of the main sources of endangered animals. They have shrunk the population of elephants, gorrilas, rhinos, leapords and cheetahs. Habitat loss is a huge threat. It puts 85% of animals in danger. Global warming is a huge danger too. It has decresed the penguin population by 60%.