Tech Tip Tuesday Edition 27

MSD 25 Instructional Technology Team

Google is celebrating educators on Tuesday with a Doodle for Teacher Appreciation Day, part of National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs May 2-6 this year. The Doodle, which highlights the tools of learning, was created with inspiration from the 2022 State Teachers of the Year.

Google's Erich Nagler, who created the Doodle, talked with the teachers about their careers and life in the classroom. One quote from the brainstorm that stuck with him was, 'Teachers empower students with tools to share their ideas!" How right he is! Learn more about how doodles and drawings can help students learn even more in your classroom through these innovative drawing tools below.

Drawing is a Powerful Learning Tool

Our brain thinks in pictures. That means drawing isn't just for art class if we want to help students access content! Students who draw information remember it almost twice as much as students who just wrote it.
The Powerful Effects of Drawing on Learning

Google Drawings

Google Workspace has a drawing program built directly into Google Drive. Draw, insert, type and share just like you would with Google Docs. See this tutorial to learn more about the power of Google Drawings. Students can use it to create infographics, notes, timelines and more!
Google Drawings Basics

Canvas Drawing

Need students to create something artistic to showcase learning? Look no further than Canvas (the drawing tool). This one browser tool can replace paper, colored pencils, markers, chalk and ink pens. Draw, layer, and share with ease.
The Complete Chrome Canvas Tutorial


Need to have students draw something fast, but they are worried about their drawing skills. The creators at Google have a solution for that: AutoDraw. Powered by AI, this tool can be used to draw or help creators get their message across with drawing ideas that appear based on your sketches. Try it today - it's like drawing magic!
AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

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