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Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back and Welcome to our newest PE's!

I know everyone has hit the ground running and you are all getting lots of visits done! Thank you for all the work you are doing and the impact you have on our families in Lee's Summit! We really do rock!

Please take an minute to introduce yourself to our new PE's. Kristen Weldon is our new full time PE, Susan Conard and Dana Evans are part time, and Hannah Vanderpool is our Early Head Start PE. Below is a little about our new part time PE's.

Here is to a great year!

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Susan Conard

Yes, it is CONARD. Susan Conard, husband is Dustin, daughter Maisy, son Miles; former fourth grade teacher; background education is Elementary and Early Childhood Education and Elementary Administration.
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Dana Evans

Married to Bruce. 3 amazing kids. Kinley 11, Baylor 8 and Dax 2!! 1 spoiled rotten weimaraner named Wrigley. Former 5th grade teacher in Blue Springs. Favorite things running, shopping, traveling, playing games, watching movies, eating:) and spending time with friends and family!

Screening Tips

ASQ - Calculating Ages

We have added information in the handbook for adjusting age for premature children when screening with the ASQ. I have included the link for figuring ages and you should be able to download an app to place it on your phone if you wish!

Dial Screening

Make sure you have reviewed your handbook prior to being on your screening team or before the next mass screening. If you have any questions, please ask Deana or Vikki.

Waiting List


All families that you have requested have been handed out. We currently have a waiting list of over 60. Please be mindful of your families and remember that we are asking for your judgement in visiting. Your folders are back in the holder by my old desk next to the door. Please place them in the day or night slot and place the date and how many day or evening families you need. If you have questions, please see me.

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan

Don't forget to fill this out and have your voice heard!


If you are taking many copies of one thing, please make copies for yourself. Be sure and put the folder in the copy bin to be copied when the folder comes up or if you see that it is getting low. If you make copies, please be sure and fill out the pink form - date, how many and your initials.. Kari W. sent out a reminder that you need to go to settings and 'unclick' headers and footers. You can print multiple copies from your computer.

Thank you!


I have some LSP's in my office from previous PE's. If you have a family that previously had a PE, please check to see if the LSP is in your possession. If not, please come and get it for your file.


If you see changes that need to be made, please submit them to the PLC team for review.
Mindfulness while driving? I'm on the road to clients all day. Absolutely! Mindfulness can be applied to any of your daily activities. And, the safest way to drive is to drive mindfully. Part of mindfulness is paying close attention – so, paying close attention to the experience of driving is a way to practice. Tips for practicing mindful driving include:  Drive in silence - no podcasts or music; silence your phone – so you can tune in to what is happening around you with less distraction.  Notice all the traffic around you. Instead of just paying attention to what’s right in front of you, use your mirrors and consciously expand your attention to include the traffic or environment beside and behind you as well.  Pay attention to how you are feeling internally as you drive. If you are rushing or stressed due to traffic, other drivers, or being late, notice where you feel this in your body. Recognize and label the emotions you are feeling and try to let go of any judgments.  Notice the physical sensations of driving: How does your grip feel on the steering wheel? How is your body supported by the seat? Is anything impeding your vision?  Use every stop sign and stop light as a chance to take a breath mindfully, or as a reminder to check-in with your focus and come back to the experience of driving.


Another "recruitment" opportunity came our way and Vikki Isemen spoke to the Lee's Summit Kiwanis Club last week telling them about our program and the great work we are doing in Lee's Summit. During her presentation, they asked if we had any needs and she shared that we were looking to purchase a printer to go with our vision screening tool - they wrote her a check! Thanks Vikki for advocating for Lee's Summit PAT!!
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