Fifth Grade Newsletter

December 13, 2015

Dear Parents:

We have a full week of school this week. After the holidays, school will resume on Monday, January 4.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Wow! The students have done some wonderful writing and created awesome videos about the charities they are supporting. This week we will be sharing them and voting on which charity or charities we will sponsor. Ask to see your child's video!

We are also practicing the Spelling Bee words; each student has a list. Class spelling bees will take place December 16. The school-wide bee is scheduled for mid- January.

Social Studies

We are starting our new unit on Explorers in social studies. Students will be receiving new vocabulary words this week that they can study. We will continue this unit when we return from Christmas break. We love how much the Studies Weekly newspapers fits in with our curriculum. A huge thank you, again, to our Charlevoix Foundation for supplying us with this great resource!


This week, students will continue to practice the order of operations. They will learn about grouping symbols, and how they affect simplifying expressions. We will focus on precision and showing our work with simplifying expressions.


We will focus an engineering activity this week in class. Students will work in class this week on a challenge to build structures out of various objects. There is no homework this week for students.

Have a Great Holiday Season.


Mrs. Garver's Class: PE

Mrs. Muladore's Class: Art

Christmas Party

Watch for an email from Jane through Sign Up Genius asking for donations to our planned Hot Chocolate Bar. We are also looking for wrapped gifts of a $1 value, such as chapstick, packs of gum, or other inexpensive items for a gift exchange game.

You can also CLICK HERE to sign up!


The Fifth Grade Team

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