Inglewood Primary School

NEWSLETTER No 34 - 15 November 2018

Our Mission:

Learning to think, to do, to be

Ako ki te whakaaro, ako ki te mahi, ako kia ora ai te mauri

Our Vision: To provide a teaching and learning environment where of those involved: demonstrate respect, expect the best, achieve through opportunity, communicate actively & feel good and safe

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Week 3-5 - Staying focussed and being respectful.

5 Weeks of term left - where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that we have only 5 weeks of teaching learning time left for the 2018 here at Inglewood Primary. The year has flown by.

We as a Teaching Staff Community would like to express our gratitude to all parents and whanau who supported the Board of Trustees decision to close our school on Tuesday. As teachers we appreciate that the media like to go with the greatest story and headlines, however we do know that sometimes messages are mixed and facts are misrepresented. Thank you to all of you who continue to support our Board, Staff and wider community.

A thought provoking message from Ron Keffer

A young man went to seek an important position at a large printing company. He passed the initial interview and was going to meet the director for the final interview. The director saw his resume, it was excellent. And asked,'

"Have you received a scholarship for school?" The boy replied, "No".
'It was your father who paid for your studies? '' Yes.' He replied.
'Where does your father work? ' 'My father is a Blacksmith'

The Director asked the young man to show him his hands.
The young man showed a pair of hands soft and perfect.
'Have you ever helped your parents at their job? '
'Never, my parents always wanted me to study and read more books. Besides, he can do the job better than me.

The director said:
'I have got a request: When you go home today, go and wash the hands of your father and then come see me tomorrow morning.'

The young man felt his chance to get the job was high.

When he returned to his house he asked his father if he would allow him to wash his hands.

His father felt strange, happy, but with mixed feelings and showed his hands to his son. The young man washed his hands, little by little. It was the first time that he noticed his father's hands were wrinkled and they had so many scars. Some bruises were so painful that his skin shuddered when he touched them.

This was the first time that the young man recognized what it meant for this pair of hands to work every day to be able to pay for his studies. The bruises on the hands were the price that his father payed for his education, his school activities and his future.

After cleaning his father's hands the young man stood in silence and began to tidy and clean up the workshop. That night, father and son talked for a long time.

The next morning, the young man went to the office of the director.
The Director noticed the tears in the eyes of the young man when He asked him,

'Can you tell me what you did and what you learned yesterday at your house?'
The boy replied: 'I washed my father's hands and when I finished I stayed and cleaned his workshop.'

'Now I know what it is to appreciate and recognize that without my parents, I would not be who I am today. By helping my father I now realize how difficult and hard it is to do something on my own. I have come to appreciate the importance and the value in helping my family.

The director said, "This is what I look for in my people. I want to hire someone who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the hardship others go through to accomplish things, and a person who realizes that money is not his only goal in life".

'You are hired'.

A child that has been coddled, protected and given everything he or she wants, develops a mentality of "I have the right" and will always put himself or herself first, ignoring the efforts of parents, family and friends. If we are this type of protective parent are we really showing love or are we helping to destroy our children?

You can give your child their own room in a big house, good food, a computer, tablet, cell phone, and a big screen TV, but when you're washing the floor or painting a wall, children need to experience that too.

After eating, have them wash the dishes with their brothers and sisters, let them fold laundry or cook with you, pull weeds or mow the lawn. You are not doing this because you are poor and can't afford help. You are doing this because you love them and want them to understand certain things about life.

Children need to learn to appreciate the amount of effort it takes to do a job right. They need to experience the difficulties in life that people must overcome to be successful and they must learn about failure to be able to succeed.

Children must also learn how to work and play with others and that they will not always win, but they can always work harder to reach their goals. If they've done their best, then they can take pride in all the effort they put forth.

Life is about giving and serving and these qualities are taught in our homes.
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Timely reminder - School grounds are closed at dusk

We would like to share a timely reminder to you all as parents to pass on to your own children, friends children, neighbours children, ALL children, teens and adolescents, that our school grounds must be cleared at nightfall.

Please remind your children that when shopping malls, shops, and other areas are closed and people are caught on the property, then other actions need to be taken.

We have discovered that sometimes young teens, adolescents are enjoying our grounds after daylight, playing spotlight on the roofs of various classrooms and buildings.

This is not a sensible thing to do for so many reasons.

Sadly Sunday evening our local Fire fighters, Ambulance and Police were called to the school as someone had fallen from the roof of a building. The person sustained injuries, however was very lucky not to have been critically injured or even killed.

We often speak of the 'ripple effect' of actions. In speaking with our Chief Fire Officer Cameron Gillespie, he expressed that the team of volunteer fire fighters here in Inglewood are dreading the call where they need to respond to an incident such as this and the outcome is they are having to cope with finding a young person dead from falling off a roof of our buildings, as they have been here, like they were on Sunday night, putting their life at risk.

Please support us by communicating with your child / children Inglewood Primary School grounds must be cleared after dark.

Students of the Week

Bell Building Y7 & 8

Holly Karauna

For being a kind, supportive friend to her peers. We appreciate your humour and thoughtfulness!

Our school roll is currently 340.

Welcome Sophia Allerby, Kadence Gear and Jurnee Elliott who have joined us at IPS this week.

Happy Birthday

to Sophia Allerby, Kadence Gear, Jurnee Elliott, Te Wairemana Jones, Jaeda-Marlie Williams, Adam Maul, Bryson Gyde, Jordan Hovell and Hunter Benseman who are celebrating their birthday's this week.

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the workplace - this is a worthwhile watch

School Production Videos

A copy of the School Production is now available to be purchased from the school office for $10. If you wish to purchase a video of either the Rata Cast or Kowhai Cast production, please bring a USB 16gb drive in an envelope with $10 and which cast you would like.

Kahui Ako o Kohanga Moa / Inglewood Community of Learning - supporting Kohanga Moa Marae

Friday last week and Saturday we as a part of the Kahui Ako o Kohanga Moa / Inglewood Community of Learning, came together to assist with the preparation of a hangi as a fundraiser for our local Inglewood / Kohanga Moa Marae. There was support from Inglewood Kindy and Playcentre, Kaimata, St Pats, Egmont Village, Waitoriki, Ratapiko, Norfolk and Inglewood Primary Schools, as well as Inglewood High. Friday saw the preparation of the vegetables and Saturday was taken up with meat and hangi prep.

Thank you all who assisted in this learning opportunity.

Year 8 Dinner Dance

Our Year 8 Graduation Dinner Dance is coming up on Friday 7 December. Can parents of Year 8 students please return your RSVP slips if you haven't already.


Size 14-16 dress pants and shirts for our boys to borrow

White flowers to be ready for the 6th of December.

Fern and other flower arrangement greenery to be ready by 6th of December.

Please let Kelly Edwards know if you are able to help:

Sports Information

Junior School Athletics Day - Tuesday 20 November: Event begins at 9.15am. This includes all children aged 5, 6 and 7 years of age. Students have been training over the last few weeks in preparation for this event and we look forward to a highly successful day. We would love to see as many supporters as possible.

Senior School Athletics Day - Wednesday 21 November: Event begins at 9.15am and runs throughout the day. This includes all children aged 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of age. Students have been training over the last few weeks in preparation for this event and we look forward to a highly successful day. We would love to see as many supporters as possible and if anyone is able to assist on a field event, just let us know. Students will move with their age group through each of the rotations. An up to date timetable will be available early next week.

Weetbix TRYathlon New Plymouth Tuesday 26 March 2019. Please register online at and nominate Inglewood Primary School. Any queries, please see the school office.


Trophies: Please return all End of Year Trophies back to the office as soon as possible.

School Accounts - We appreciate the families who continue to make regular payments on your account. Please ensure all accounts are brought up to date by the end of term.

Absentee Line: When leaving a message it is important for our attendance records that you please leave a reason why your child is away eg; sick, appointment, holiday etc.

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ParentLink News

Christmas Market: We are thrilled to announce the date of our Christmas Market for 2018. We are taking expressions of interest for stallholders now. Please visit our Facebook page for more details.

Christmas Raffle

Our Christmas Raffle is coming up? Once again there will be a school-wide contest to see which class can bring in the most items. These must be consumable to be counted, nothing expired, no dented tins and nothing opened.

So for the 1st week, here is the plan; For everyone to bring a tin or a can of something delicious and yummy to eat to put in our world famous hamper treat!

Term 4 Calendar (This may change on a weekly basis)

Tuesday 20 November: Road Patrol Appreciation Day

Junior Athletics Day at IPS

Wednesday 21 November: IPS Athletics Day

Thursday 22 November: IPS Athletics PPD

Friday 23 November: Junior Athletics PPD

Wednesday 28 November: Town v Country Athletics Day - No PPD day if wet

Friday 30 November: Panatahi Big Day Out

Tuesday 4 December: Senior Team Big Day Out

Thursday 6 December: Pita Pit Lunch Orders due at the office by 11am.

Friday 7 December: Year 8 Dinner Dance Celebration

Wednesday 12 December: REACH 100's Club Celebration Afternoon

Thursday 13 December: Intermediate Big Day Out

Monday 17 December Junior Final Assembly Year 1 - 4 students - 5:30 - 6:30

Tuesday 18 December Service Assembly 2 - 3pm

Tuesday 18 December Thank you afternoon Tea 3:30 - 4:00

Tuesday 18 December Senior Prize Giving Year 5 - 8 Students - 5:30 - 7pm

Wednesday 19 December: Last day of Term 4 - School closes 1200 midday

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Community News

Florist: Please support our local new florist at 121 Rata Street, Inglewood - The Love Bunch Florist. Stephanie Valentine has an amazing range of flowers for bouquets, arrangements, weddings and funerals. Phone 0272879780 or email

IPS Clothing

Please click on the link to order directly from our school website or pop into the school office.