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NC Alum Collin Gray

Collin Gray, OJR Class of 2012, former North Coventry student, and now a senior at Yale created this video in response to protests at Yale and more generally the continual struggle we've had as a nation managing diversity.

The movement is called “Listen Louder.” It’s designed to challenge all people, especially those who benefit from some form of privilege, to acknowledge anything short of understanding, appreciation and love within themselves with a basic message to “Listen Louder” to those who walk, talk, think and feel differently.


FLEX Opportunities Here At NC


  • NO WFSG next week!
  • Final week for Professional Goal meetings and SLO check-ins. If you have not met with me or do not have an appointment to meet with me, please see Kathy.
  • The PTO would like to raffle off your time and talent as part of their upcoming Basket Raffle. If you would like to participate, please e-mail Amy Lignelli at .

Upcoming Events

  • 2/10 - PTO Meeting @ 7 PM

  • 2/11 - SPIRIT DAY: Dress Like You Are 100 Years Old

  • 2/11 - Valentines Day celebrations

  • 2/11 - 6th Grade Parent Meeting @ OJR Middle School @ 7 PM

  • 2/12 - No School for Students

  • 2/15 - Holiday

  • 2/19 - PTO Leap Year Luau @ 7 PM (snow date 2/26)

  • 2/26 - SPIRIT DAY: Mix Match Day

  • 3/4 - PTO Basket Raffle @ 5:30 PM