iPhone Backup Not Compatible Error

“backup corrupt or not compatible with iPhone” Error

iPhone has become choice of billions of users. People not only used it for entertainment purpose, but also for other purpose because of its outstanding technology and features. Also, it connects user with their loved once through messages, contacts and Internet. iPhones data are very sensitive. So, what will happen it gets corrupted. In that cases user may loss their valuable data. To overcome, this problem Apple has provided a inbuilt tool that helps user to create backup of all the data stored in iPhone. But it also has a demerit that it throws lots of error specially while making backup. Among them “backup corrupt or not compatible with iPhone” is one. This error usually encounter when you restore backup of your iPhone. It can also be happened when restoring iPhone with incompatible backup.

While creating backup, it may happened that some error occurred but did not display any message and you think that you have successfully made backup of all your files with iTunes, but in reality, a complete backup has not made means that may have some issues. And this will be seen when you try to restore that backup. At the same time, “backup corrupt or not compatible with iPhone” error is thrown.

To get rid of this problem, you have to delete corrupted or incompatible backup from iTunes and then create a new backup and then restore it. Although, you can delete that corrupted or incompatible backup from iTunes interface manually.

1. Starts iTunes in your computer.

2. From left corner of your Mac, click iTunes and then select Edit option from top left corner of iTunes and then click on Preference.

3. From backup list, search your device and delete the backup.

If in case, you did not found any corrupted or incompatible backup in backup list, then you have to delete that backup manually from the device. And it is somewhat risky and time taking process. And needs good knowledge of system files. And if the data is not restored, they can be loosed forever. So, in that case, it is better to use to any third party software as it is somewhat difficult to handle iTunes and its error and there is great issues regarding its compatibility.

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