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Ciatra Nintendo 3ds Emulator Achieves First Success

For those who have been on the look for long awaited Nintendo 3DS emulator, it is already available and can be accessed. Ciatra, the name given to this 3DS emulator has been and is still a working progress that only recently accomplished its first task completely.

Ciatra emulator originally only emulated ctrulib-build programs like Yeti3D’s Smealum’s Port. The emulator can be used to play Nintendo games and various tests were successfully done with a couple of already installed emulator features achieving success. Only the sound emulators are yet to be added alongside other minor inclusions needed for a more complete system.

The emulator was used to successfully play some Nintendo games including Cave Story 3D. Legend of Zelda – Ocarnia of Time 3D was also demonstrated to be compatible with the new emulator although it is still not playable. The Nintendo 3DS emulator is growing and expanding tremendously considering it was only developed a few months back and has not been around for long.

The current emulator is for PC and while it can run a handful of games already, there are no audio sound emulators yet. It is also worth noting that this emulator is quite slow and does not provide the seamless swift experience required by gamers. Nonetheless, the emulator is in working progress and developers are doing more each day to optimize and configure it for more games.

Nintendo 3DS emulator definitely has a long way to go as it is only in the beginning phase of use and testing. There are various gaming settings required for a satisfactory experience and all these must be accomplished within the emulator. However, the developers of this emulator have already accomplished a couple of steps and will be looking to refine it for optimal performance. More games and configurations will be expected before a full list of supported games is made available.

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