The Roaring 20's

The Jazz Age

Introduction to Jazz

Jazz developed in the 1920's as a mesh of African American traditions and white middle class ideals, and represented a vast cultural shift

The birth of jazz music is often accredited to African Americans, but both black and white Americans alike are responsible for its immense rise in popularity.

The rise of jazz coincided with the rise of radio broadcast and recording technology, with the most popular radio show being "potter palms" concert and big-band jazz performances.

The Movement

The Jazz Age was a post World War I movement in the 1920's, from which jazz music and dance emerged. Although the era ended with the beginning of The Great Depression in the 1930's, jazz has lived on in American pop culture.

Female Artist

Female musicians such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday emerged during this period of post-war equality and free sexuality, paving the way for future female artists.

Duke Ellington - It don't mean a thing (1943)