Mrs. Bouse's News

Friday, May 13th, 2016

Continuing to push forward to the finish line!

We are still working hard each day and reviewing all of the concepts we have learned this year! We are reading, practicing counting, adding, subtracting, and having some fun with money and time!
Thank you so much for helping your child read this year too! The reading homework bags were a great addition to our reading lessons. The kiddos that read every night have made huge leaps in their fluency and comprehension skills!

Rainbow Rockstars

Help me congratulate the following students for always working hard towards sight word fluency!

Green Wall: Kaylani Rivas, Ryan Tate Jr., Zion Deloney

Pink Wall: Kathleen Gray

First Grade Wall: Hunter Emerson
Second Grade Wall: Faith Garcia-Paguio


Fun videos we have been watching!

"Coins!" by
Telling Time For Children - Learning the Clock

Can Your Child Read This?

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May Lunch Menu

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