Canadian Teen Culture

By: Vania

"Everyone has a girlfriend and boyfriend and

I am just here like, "I love food."


"You can't buy happiness .

But you can but ice cream and that

is pretty much the same thing." :)


Core Values

I am a very shy person until I get to know you. According to my friends I have lost my marbles. I am a very positive person. My values are my family and friends. They mean so much to me.


Texting is the most use of communication. It helps other teens interact with each other. We can contact our family when they aren't around you.

Most of the time we use slang (brb, ttyl, rofl, tmrw, etc)

Customs and Traditions

We celebrate many traditions. Some celebrate more than other. I celebrate birthdays, Christmas, New year, and a whole lot more! Most of the celebration parties I go to, are not completed with traditional food.


One of the main things that are very important in my life is, my phone. Yes, my phone. Argh typical teenager, right? No. I get lost whenever there is a chance. So, my phone can help my contact someone if I was in that situation. I have many other artifacts but the list would go on forever.