Seeing Eye Dog Trainer

Just a dog can bring out what is good in us


The early stages are important for many reasons. The dog may feel anxious or uncomfortable after moving from it's carer's home where it has spent most of it's life. The first couple weeks are a time when they let them settle and get used to things. The trainer will also need to establish a strong bond with the dog and it's owner. This is very important because you want to work as one, so the owner and the dog are both learning at the same time. You should volunteer at a shelter or jobs pertaining to training seeing eye dogs. And also you should be in good physical shape, this requires a lot of physical agility and stamina.

What is involved with it

You should not distract or touch a seeing eye dog, without the handlers permission. Avoid offering assistance to a guide dogs owner unless they need you. Also, you should speak directly to the person, not the guide dog. The seeing eye dogs are very cleaver animals and they develop and understand what we want from a number of commands and signals that we use. Sometimes to know what the guide dog is understanding the trainer will blindfold themselves to see what the dog actual knows by feeling their movements. They would encourage the dog to get the command right and when they do you would reward them with a treat. Some dogs take more time to settle down and mature so they are given all the time they need to do so.

A day in the life

Guide dogs get to go everywhere and do everything their partners do and they are defiantly showered with attention. From shopping malls, to hiking guide dogs have very active lives. When the harness is on the dogs are "all business" serious about their work. And when that harness is on the are very serious about their work and focused on what their partner needs to be done. But when the harness comes off it's okay for them to have fun and mess around. Most guide dogs work until they are 8-10 years of age, but this will vary with their lifestyle and their individual style. After their 10 years of hardworking focus and determination they deserve to retire and be pampered the rest of their lives. They will either stay with their partner, be returned to there birth home or be adopted.


What sort of training do you need? 2-4 years of college

What sort of skills do you need? Patience, kind heart, and feeling comfortable.

Is there any room for job advancement? Yes

What is all involved with the career? Time, care, bonds

What is the job outlook and salary? 21,000 per year

Why do you want to go into this career? Animal lover, I love to help people

What might people not konw about this career? It takes a whole lot of patience

What does a day in the life of this career look like? A lot of fun and hard work