Chance's Summer Vacation

By: Chance Best

Sydney, Australia..........Here I Come!

This would an awesome experience for me and anyone who came along. Since I want to be a zoologist, this place would be very cool to be at, since there are big zoos and aquariums. I would also enjoy all the different sights throughout the city. It would be a very good opportunity to learn a lot about Australia and some history about the place. I'm all about seeing new things and going to new places, so a lot of their parks and beaches would be great to go to. If i am going to go here, it might be a while because i will surely be saving a lot of money to prepare for this trip.

Sydney, Australia

Saturday, March 28th, 8am to Monday, April 6th, 10am

Airport Dr

Sydney, NSW

Round Trip - $1,893

19 hours 55 minutes

1 or more stops along the way


- Get in on Saturday and go to wherever i want to stay and just rest that day.

- Sunday: Do some site seeing and explore Sydney

- Monday: Go to the beach and eat out somewhere

- Tuesday: Go to Taronga Zoo. For an extra $255, I can stay overnight in a safari tent and see more of the zoo after hours.

- Wednesday: Probably do some souvenir shopping and just browse around

- Thursday: Go on the driving adventures tour. Where you get your very own porsche for the day and follow a guide to places around the city.

- Friday: I would honestly like to go skydiving if i can.

- Saturday: Whatever else i feel like doing or spending money on

- The rest of the days will just go along with what I find or come across

✈Sydney, Australia ►Vacation Travel Guide

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This is a pretty long video, but i found it interesting. I t shows a lot of stuff you can do in Sydney and also shows you the awesome sights you can see out there.

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