Walrus Cat

Learn all there is to now about our ancestor, the Walrus Cat

History of the Walrus Cat

The so called Walrus Cat came from a very distant time in the past, 666 BCE!!! Weird number right, maybe not. It could be because the Walrus Cat is really the leader of the illuminati. That position was pasted down and is currently held by Michelle Obama, but that is a different lesson. The Walrus Cats fought there own wars. Including the Jelly Wars. Their is no history on that war except for that Walrus Cats won! Soon the Walrus Cats started to evolve. They were now becoming walruses and cats, how boring. Very, very sadly the Walrus Cats died because of an American figure, Chuck Norris killed the very final Walrus Cat with his beard. No surprise there at all. Will the Walrus Cat come back to the earth, we don't know?

What in the World is a Walrus Cat

A Walrus Cat is very simply a cat and walrus mixed together. That creates a Walrus Cat. Walrus Cats were know to bring piece to this world and look highly, completely, disgusting. I am not kidding, it is a very horrible sight, trust me, you don't need to suffer through it. That is what a Walrus Cat is.

Here are Some Walrus Cats

Save The Walrus Cats

Save E'm

Save the Walrus Cats. Don't be like Chuck Norris, really don't he is just plain weird. It is just that beard, really what is up with that beard. Just save the Walrus Cats.