Walk a day in my shoes.

A civil war story by a kid whose dad is a history buff.

A brief history of the shoes

The shoes I have chosen to research are military brogans. These shoes began being used as early as the Roman Empire's reign of Europe, and were used in the English civil war. They were also worn in the American Revolution, and then used in the American civil war, until the 1950s. They are meant to be worn with ankle high socks, and hobnails attached to the bottom.

A day in the life of

The Great War

This life, it ain't fun. Being a union soldier, fighting for simple freedoms, it's all hard. We wake up about roughly 5:30 and have to eat, then march. If we're in a battle, we have to ready our guns. The shoes we wear are slippery on rocks and gravel, due to the hobnails in them. They are tight, and hurt your toes. They have little breathing room, so they make your feet sweaty. Running is no easy task, and trying to kick an enemy would be a bad choice. After a temporary cease fire, we go to sleep. Not much happens when we aren't fighting.

How this connects to my passion

I love history, and everything about it.

A pair of brogans

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