9 Steps to Criminal Juastic System

For Freshman

By: Allie Lewis

Crime Occurs

Investigation and Arrest or Citation

~arrest made by Police

~cittaion to appear in court is issued

Initial Appearance

~assures individual was properly charged

~attorney appointed to defendant (if defendent qualified)

~date set for preliminary hearing

~(sometime) bail amount set

Preliminary Hearing or Trial Information

~determine whether evidence can support charges against defendant

Arraignment and Plea

~plea not guilty trial date will be set

~plea guilty lost to jury trial and settlement will be reached

Discovery and Plea Negotiaitons

~(defendant pleads not guilty) includes viewing documents, depositions (interviews under oath), victiims and witnusses are contacted


~plea negotiations not successful case goes to trial

~steps of trial

*opening statements

*State's witnesses and evidence

*defense's witnesses and evidence

*closing arguments

*court's instructions to the jury

*jury's deliberartion and verdict


~punishment in criminal case

~range from fine, community service, imprisonment, or death

~sentence choosen by trial judge or jury

Victim Impact Statements

~statement made to let court know effect crime has had on defendent and defendents family