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Church Hats: Reliving The History & Significance

Ever wondered why most women wear hats to church? Church hats are much more than simple accessories to complement the Sunday service attire. Rather, they hold great significance redefining spiritualism and culture altogether. Dedicated churchgoers to this day believe in following church etiquettes while attending services which makes church hats an important part of the church outfit, since forever. However, many aren’t familiar with the history and the significance a church hat holds, which is why we have shed some light on its root and the cultural importance it signifies.

The History of Church Hats

Back in the 1910s, women wore chapel veils to keep their heads covered, especially during church visits. As time flew by, covering heads became more of a tradition than a choice. With time, wearing veils to church altered to covering heads with hats which brings us to the present day and the concept of wearing hats.

During the 1950s, fancy hats become popular in African American church communities. Back then, these highly stylish hats were not considered fashion statements but rather, a recognition of potent power and status.

Spiritual Significance

Covering heads is seen as a symbol of respect towards God. According to the Holy Bible, women must cover their heads while attending the church as a sign of respect towards their loved ones including the divine almighty. Also, the popular belief is that hats encourage women to enhance their femininity with pride. With time, women developed the culture of covering heads and today, we see gorgeous designer hats at church services looking back at us.

Culture Significance

The concept of visiting the church on Sundays symbolizes love, gratitude, and hope towards god. Churchgoers dedicate themselves to worship their God every Sunday. In the African American society, wearing embellished outfits, especially elaborate hats and fancy trending usher suits to church is rather common. Now, these hats have become a symbol of pride and exuberance among them. To show their devotion and zeal, ladies wear decorative accessories like ribbons, feathers, flowers with their hats.

In Hope of Divine Attention

Another reason why churchgoers wear designer hats is because they are full of bright colors. It is believed, that wearing vibrant hues can get you your fair share of divine attention. However, the church etiquette are still in play and hence your selection of hats needs to be judicious and fitting to the occasion.

Special Occasions Call For Special Attires

Special days, for instance, Easter, Good Friday, or Mother’s Day are marked as primary hat days in a few churches. On these days, women typically buy beautiful church hats with unique designs to stand out amongst the crowd. From young to old, if you visit your church in one of these occasions, you’ll find women glammed up in stunning Giovanna hats and Donna Vinci hats.

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