Jersey Boys Soundtrack 7. Walk Like a Man


Jersey boys are based off of the four seasons and there struggles in there career and some relationships. it also focuses on there music and the band. throughout the show there's always something new like how some of the members in the band wanted out. so they left the band. if I was going to rate this production I would easily given it 5 stars but because off the constant cussing throughout the show I give it 4 stars.

5 facts

Jersey boys have won 54 major awards worldwide

Jersey boys It is presented in a documentary-style format

At the end of casting Norona who originated the role of Frankie Valli, had to be replaced because his voice blew out

jersey boys show is 2 hrs. 30 min

jersey boys is upbeat and fast paced. easy to follow in the storyline


In 2006 jersey boys got a Tony for BEST MUSICAL

interesting facts

The cast of Jersey Boys appeared as a guest act for the royal variety performance in 2008, which was staged at the London palldium on December 11 in the presence of senior members of the royal family.

Jersey Boys Chicago has been honored two years in a row at the Broadway Cares event for being the top fundraiser in the Tour category

in jersey boys production there is a lot of cussing