Jackson Journal Parent Edition

January 2020

Dear Parents,

We have had a great start to 2020! Students are getting ready to take the Winter NWEA assessments later this month. Each student takes pride is setting individual goals with their teacher. I hope they will discuss their goals and share their progress.

Our next PTA meeting will be on Tuesday, February 11th at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. Ms. Gallina will be discussing mindfulness and offer some stress management techniques we all can use. Join us for this interactive presentation. I hope to see you all there!


Dr. Gonzalez


What's Happening at Jackson?

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As they delve into the essential question, How Can Obstacles Be Overcome?, third graders are reading Book Uncle and Me by Uma Krishnaswami. Students connect with the main character of the story who experiences an obstacle in accessing the books she loves so much.
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As a school community, we continue to display acts of empathy whenever we can. These two students came to share with me how one of them nominated their peer to receive a Jackson Jewel.
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Our school wide Jackson Jewel bulletin board is filling up with all our "jewels."
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There are so many opportunities for students to add badges to their digital portfolios in KidOYO. Not only are our students earning badges for coding projects, they can also earn badges for curriculum badges or SEL badges such as the empathy badge. It's a great way for students to challenge themselves.
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Fourth Graders have been exploring "How does structure support survival? In this latest integrated course, students learned about plant and animal structure. Students pictured here created a structure to support the survival of an animal of their choice.
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Each month, the entire school engages in an SEL lesson using the app, Nearpod. This month, we learned how to be an empathetic listener. Empathetic listening is a way of listening to someone that helps you understand the person better. Students learned strategies to be better empathetic listeners and had a chance to practice this skill during the lesson.

More information on our integrated curriculum

Now available on the district website is a link to a summary of each grade level's integrated curriculum. It provides information such as the essential questions that are being studied as well as the standards that are covered in each unit. (Click on the link below)
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