right or wrong?


Censorship is the act of removing unwanted or unnecessary content in the hopes of keeping peace or controlling sensitive information. Some examples of censorship is the blanking of profane language in media or governments controlling what citizens view.

My Opinion

I believe censorship is wrong, to a degree :3

Public media that is viewed by everyone should be censored, media such as bill boards, public screens are openly viewed by everyone. This is not a forced viewing but its in a public place and therefore not suitable to have explicit content.

HOWEVER! I believe personal media should not be censored, this includes books, TV shows and anything that is not displayed publicly. You may now be saying

And your right, BUT it can be turned off and is not forced. If you don't like the content in a TV show then you can easily change channel or turn off the TV. That is also to case with books, if you decide you do not like a books content then you can easily close it and choose not to read it. I believe that it should be up to the viewer to choose their content. I mean we can trust people over 16 to drive on our roads, we must be able to trust their judgement in content (children exempt)


i know everyone who is under 16 may be annoyed by this statement, however i believe its up to parents to be parents and decide what you should be exposed to. Media comes to us in various forms and censorship is just one way that it can be controlled. But it shouldn't be up to the government to decide for us, we should just be somewhat smart and make the choice for ourselves.