GM Plants for Medicine

By Nader Daoud

What are GMs?

Genetically modified plants are plants that are breeded with one another to achieve more likable traits. The plants are used to breed traits that would be more beneficial to society and people. These GMPs have multiple uses, and can be used for medicines and foods.

What are Genetically Modified Plants used for?

Genetically Modified Plants have all the same uses as normal plants. They can be used for medicine, food, and various other things. They can do something as simple as sitting there to look pretty or attract insects and etc.

How are Genetically Modified Plants helpful?

Well, Genetically Modified Plants allow for humans to select whatever traits are more likable. So perhaps a plant has some sort medicinal use. By using Genetically Modified Plants, we will be able to use the traits that we find more essential and helpful.

Are there any disadvantages to Genetically Modified Plants?

There are multiple disadvantages to Genetically Modified Plants. They can cause cancer, which is a huge thing, especially since there is no cure. Disruption of digestion is also a huge disadvantage since it can cause your digestion to slow down which can be bad for you. Depleting soil minerals is also important, as without soil minerals, we won't be able to sustain plants for much longer

Are organisms effected and how do Genetically Modified Plants affect the environment?

Well of course the plants themselves are effected, but there is also others that are effected. GMOs can disrupt digestion, can cause cancer, increases herbicide use, they pollute the environment, deplete soil minerals, and create super bugs. So there are many different effects of Genetically Modified Plants.

How do GMOs effect the economy?

GMOs affect the economy greatly. Since you can place patents on ways to create these special plants, the price of the seeds can be risen to an extreme amount. By raising them an extreme amount, many people wont be able to afford these such as farmers and we won't be able to acquire these plants.

How do these GMOS effect us socially and how will it effect our future?

Socially, there is a lot of ways it affects us. Many places use GMOs, and it is hard to tell the difference anymore even though GMOs can cause cancer and are more dangerous. As for our future, GMOs will definitely take a big part. It will help us takes huge leaps medically, and allow us to develop many more medicines and remedies. Simple things such as different teas that help us with different sicknesses will definitely be developed.
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